What is Alcoholism!?


In one of my lead shares in A.A. , I spoke of life as an Alcoholic Person in recovery.

So What is Alcoholism exactly?

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this matter but i can only share my experience about it.

Picture yourself , i said as a passenger on a vast ocean liner like the Titanic in a lonely voyage , surrounded on all sides by mystery. Looking up , there’s the old Sky, .
Looking down , the mystery of the heart of the ocean.

So what do you do when lost at sea?

I continued by reminding myself by my notes that by looking back and forward.!!!!

There is no comedy in this! only drama!

So you pray to be saved!

Some other people are lost in their own different pursuits.

Some Gamble,others in music, Sex, Lust, Art,Eating etc.


alot of people think A.A. is nothing but a social club.a place to go and see who is doing what.

to answer the questions is that the correct answer is : alot of people people are lost spirits.

They just have to get lucky.


Some say Alcoholism is the most severe form of alcohol abuse and involves the inability to manage drinking habits, thinking habits etc. It is also commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder or thinking use disorder. They say Alcohol use disorder is organized into three categories: mild, moderate and severe but i think there is a third category and that is the chronic ones like me. Each category has various symptoms and can cause harmful side effects and every body knows that!.

We now know that If left untreated, any type of alcohol abuse can spiral out of control. but what about those addicted to Gambling,music, Sex, Lust, Art,Eating etc.

there are other kinds of help for those people but there are other 12 step programs for them too.


So while both alcohol abuse and other abuses are included in the alcohol use disorder diagnosis and involve engaging in mal adaptive behaviors in the use of alcohol or sex or other addictive vicious cycles, abuse of any substance stangely enough does not include the person having a withdrawal symptoms or needing more and more amounts to achieve intoxication (tolerance) unless the person has developed Addictions.


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