The Arash Jewelry Buying Guide

How can someone who’s not a jeweler write a valid blog about jewelry?

This is a logical question for readers to ask?although I’ve taken many jewelry-related courses at Gemological Institute Of America aka (GIA) and worked for many famous American jewelers , I am still a of today not qualified to make or repair jewelry an watches. I’m an Accredited Jewelry Professional  by training and i’m much more skilled at evaluating diamonds and pearls than gold mountings. However, one of my responsibilities has been jewelry quality control, and this is what aroused my interest in jewelry craftsmanship.

realizing that experience jewelers are the best source of information on gold jewelry i interviewed more than 100 of them around the world.

although they were in various cities throughout North America and places i have traveled such as Dubai,Tehran, New york, London,Vienna, Toronto, Alaska, etc, many were born and /or trained abroad.

I asked then open ended questions such as “What type of gold or silver jewelry they recommend?…what craftsmanship problems have you found with jewelry brought in for repairs or other jewelery? …how can a layperson tell id a jewelry piece is of good quality?…What advice would you give consumers about buying Gold and Silver Jewelry?”

I also talked to jewelers, gold assayers, gold smiths, apprairs, Gemologists, Jewelry Auctions and friends and families who had had both good and bad experiences buying jewelry. To better understand the consumer perspective, and i went into stores and pretended as an actor i  wanted to buy a piece of jewelry.In addiction, I found valuable data in the reference material cited in the bibliography of this blog.The result of of my research is The Arash Fine Jewelry Buying Guide i wrote for me.

With the regard to the state of jewelry craftsmanship today during quarantine days in USA, my survey of jewelers revealed three basic view points:A few jewelers or jewelry sales man said there was no with jewelry quality! According to them , the only problem is that people abuse their jewelry.As one jeweler succinctly put it “Chains will break,Stones will fall out,and prongs will wear out just like the soles on your shoes.”

Another group of jewelers believe that a lot of jewelry pieces today is not very well made , but it would hurt the industry if consumers knew this. In fact , one jeweller felt the decline in craftsmanship had befitted the public and the jewelry industry.He reasoned that lowered quality has allowed jewelry prices to drop and in this, in turn, has increased sales and boosted the economy.

The majority of jewelers acknowledged a decline in jewelry quality because of malpractices and felt the public should be informed about craftsmanship. According to them ,increased knowledge leads to better buying choices. And when customers are happy with their jewelry purchases, they are likely to buy and spend more.

Besides providing me with alot of information ,some jewelers have contributed photos or have given me a chance to photo graph with my phone.Some have read over my portion of my books and their recommendation have resulted in important changes and additions on my content texts.

Many jewelers i worked with told me they were delighted they could help me with my research. They want information on craftsmanship. It is their desire hat consumers not only not only get good value for their money but that they get a lot of pleasure from buying and owning jewelry.That’s what i hope you’ll learn by reading The Arash Fine Jewelry Buying guide.

One-Way Conversation

In One-Way Conversation, Arash confronts his father about how he never seems to give him the encouragement and support he needs to follow his dreams.

Arash: You don’t understand, you don’t ever hear what I’m trying to say to you. It’s always a one-way conversation. First, you come at me and complain about all the things you think I’m not doing and you do this to get me angry because you think by getting me angry it’s going to somehow make me work harder for what I want in my life and you’re wrong.

I’m sorry, but you’re so wrong. That’s not the way to help me move forward. It’s not. Can’t you ever just be my friend and support me by giving me encouragement? Do you have any idea how impossible what I’m going after already is? Do you? it’s so damn hard and I can use some kindness…just some; you’re my father, you know, I–all I ask is that you stop trying to get so damn strategy oriented with me and instead work with me, give me sound advice, if you have any, cause coming down on me doesn’t help. I’m not asking you to hand feed me, but be there for me the way I need you to be…there…you happy? Now you know what’s bothering me.

The new magical world food story

I see from the current columns of the Daily Prophet that “Professor Umbridge, of the Hogwarts, has just invented a new highly concentrated form of food.” All the essential nutritive elements are put together in the form of pellets, each of which contains from one to two hundred times as much nourishment as an ounce of an ordinary article of diet. These pellets, diluted with water, will form all that is necessary to support life. The professor looks forward confidently to revolutionizing the present food system during quarentine.

Now this kind of thing may be all very well in its way, but it is going to have its drawbacks as well. In the bright future anticipated by Professor Umbridge, we can easily imagine such incidents as the following:

The smiling families were gathered round the dining table. The table was plenteously laid with a soup-plate in front of each beaming child, a bucket of hot water before the radiant mother!. The expectant whispers of the little ones were hushed as the father, rising from his chair, disclosed a small pill of concentrated nourishment on the spoon before him. Plum pudding, mince pie–was all there, all jammed into that little pill and only waiting to expand. Then the father with a devout eye alternating between the pill and earthly food, said ignoring at this moment which was an agonized cry of the mother.

“Oh, Dear, quick! Baby has snatched the pill!” It was to. Dear little Martin, the golden-haired baby boy, had grabbed the whole Christmas dinner off the spoon and bolted it. Three hundred and fifty pounds of concentrated nourishment passed down the oesophagus of the unthinking child.

“Clap him on the back!” cried the distracted mother. “Give him water!”

The idea was fatal. The water striking the pill caused it to expand. There was a dull rumbling sound and then, with an awful bang, Martin exploded into fragments!

And when they gathered the little corpse together, the baby lips were parted in a lingering smile that could only be worn by a child who had eaten.

Say nothing!

In the dramatic monologue Say Nothing, ARASH is upset over the fact that a person he knows uses the death of a person for shameless self-promotion.

ARASH:  It’s always struck me as kind of sad when someone uses someone’s death as a way for self-promotion, while all the while hiding behind a great wall of proclaimed love.  

Very few people are keen enough to penetrate such deceitfulness.  Now, there is always a cloak of truth to it or else it would not be so invisible, however, if pressed by the right person, the trickery would be discovered…the facts always outweigh the b.s.  To make great claims about the deceased and in the same sentence promote an agenda is downright troublesome and cruel.

There are those who can write books and not utter a word of themselves in honor of the person who had passed.  Yet, there will always be the reject who shakes hands, smiles and hugs while all the while looking to gain some ground for an all too important self-purpose.

Sadly, those that suffer in great pain for the apparent loss, are too blind to such tactics.  Only those who have truly been trained by the master, will be capable of seeing the truth of the behavior from which was taught.  Those are the ones who see everything, yet say nothing…

Keep going!

In Keep Going, Arash talks about how he has an appetite to keep pursuing what makes him happy, even on the down days of quarentine.

Arash:  I get down. I do.  I get low.  Sometimes.  Not too often cause I have a strong mind but I do, I get down like anybody else, I guess.  

But there’s this thing inside of me, I don’t know what you would call it, not sure if I’m actually a bit crazy or what but this thing I’m talking about, it’s never left me, it’s always there like an invisible friend but a friend that always stays with me and pulls me out of the shit when it gets too thick.

Does that make sense?  Not sure if it’s something deep in my spirit that refuses to ever tire out.  Not sure if I’m just plain stubborn, stupid or just outright nuts muggle.  It’s weird, when you love something and don’t know why exactly but it just feels right, well, that’s why I keep going.  So, I’m in for life and that’s it.

Think you know all about muggles? Think Again

Those eyes, YOUR eyes; they dart around trying to avoid my presence, trying to avoid a connection to my muggle heart and soul, the way things were, the way things used to be…

I remember, you remember but we both can’t cross that bridge, we just can’t seem to feel free together again, happy together, the way it was, the way it used to be.

 I admit, I do miss you, I miss laughing and acting silly, I miss being looked up to and admired, I miss protecting you.  I miss who we were.  In the face of our beautiful face from which we stem from, the pain, the rhythm of her beating heart, her tears, her pain, her pain, so much hurt inside and I still cannot come to terms with what I know is right, what is truth, your truth, my truth, our truth…sadness, it exudes from me like steam but I have the power to catch it in time before you see it, before anyone sees my flame, my darkness, I smile against the weight of my eyes, weighing me down, fishing for a deeper understanding that there must be something easier than this but just know and I know you do, that I will kill for you and die for you more so than any other man alive on Earth but we can’t speak for our trust has been broken, my life, your life…apart.  Those eyes, YOUR eyes, everything we both know and the love that gets covered by a swelling of hatred,

what now?

tell me

Dog Anxiety

In Dog Anxiety, ARASH stops over his neighbor in his apartment complex building. He tells her about the terrible dog he’s been babysitting.

ARASH: She asks me to watch her puppy, Brian. I say sure, I mean, how bad could it be to watch an innocent, harmless, cute little puppy? Right? Right? WRONG! It was a nightmare if there ever was one. Look at me! Do you see the bags under my eyes? I look like I went twelve rounds with Muhammad Ali. I look horrible!

She tells me, like it’s noooooo big deal. She says, “Arash would you mind watching my puppy for me for three days?” I said, “Sure, no problem.” No problem!

This dog has NOT stopped barking his tiny squicky voice ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhh! aaaaaaahhhh! Didn’t stop barking for the entire ah,aaaaah,aaaaaaaaaaah!! Like a wolf howling in the night. Kept me up! I tossed and turned and tossed and turned some more. I felt like a 1980’s break dancer.

Finally it’s time to go to work. I was actually excited to go to work for once in my life. Work was somehow a better option than staying home with AAAAAHHHHH, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

But guess what?! When I stepped foot into my kitchen, I found myself sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding alllllllll the waaaaaaaaaaaay ACROSS the kitchen and FLAT DEAD ON MY BACK! BROKE MY HAND! I have bruises the size of boulders…DOG PEE PEE.

Smiles sarcastically.

Yeah, huh.

It’s messed up! The dog is messed up! Amilia is sooooo messed up for suckering me into watching her, her, her, her, her, I can’t think of any more insults for that, that, that, that…AAAAAHHHH! I’ve had it.

He tore up my couch when I came home from work. My couch, the one that I just recently purchased from IKEA, great deal by the way, is destroyed!

Annnd where was OSCAR? Somehow Oscar the expert trapeze artist positioned himself ON TOP of my kitchen cabinets. Did I mention how small this puppy is? The size of a fucking doll. Don’t know how the hell he got up onto the cabinet, miracles of God, ANYWAY, he couldn’t get down. The genius was afraid to jump and rightfully so, I’ll give him that.

Mind you there was a load of poop and pee pee to go around, spread allllllll over the cabinet tops around my food supplies.

SO, I’m going to shut up now before I find myself passed out in a hospital from dog anxiety.

When the sun refuses to shine

In Siren Is The Night, Arash is a young man living on the streets and while hanging out alone in a parking lot during winter, Nina tries to help him with money.

ARASH:   Maybe I just got the wrong father, right? RIGHT? Maybe I’m supposed to have this horrible fucking life. You know, some people have yachts and mansions as if it’s expected. They drink the finest wine and attend extravagant parties as if it’s forever. Maybe living out here on the street, freezing to death is what I should expect, maybe this is my forever.

You wanna come here giving me money, like I owe you an explanation. I don’t owe you nothin’! Trying to shame me in a nice way. I ain’t falling for it. Not one bit, NINA!.

You go back to your privileged life, with your kids lady and your house and this fancy truck, and all your cash and forget I even existed. Forget your stupid story about knowing my father at the lumber yard. WHAT LUMBER YARD? Like I knew the man. Who cares? Who freaking cares?! You can stick your lumber yard story where the sun refuses to shine.


Salazar Slytherin was a pure-blood wizard. Noted for his cunning and determination, he was regarded as one of the greatest wizards of the age and was one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Godric Gryffindor was also a powerful wizard and one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alog with Slazar Slytherin. He valued courage and bravery. Godric was also in favour of allowing muggle-borns to be taught magic. His portrait still hangs proudly within Hogwarts Castle.

Go online try to find some articles out there that claim to show why Slytherin is the best house. You won’t be able to find many that are good. You can see they aren’t very deep and don’t have very genuine reasons. Some of are even biased and say that Slytherins are evil. I’m going to be telling you today why Slytherin is the best house with genuine, thoughtful reasons.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Non Slytherin muggle claiming to be in Slytherin house. Since you were probably sorted into Slytherin by Pottermore and not the Sorting Hat, you might not actually be a Slytherin. But let’s put those reasons aside because that is another topic to talk about another day. First off, let me just say that Pottermore, as great as a website it is, their article “6 reasons why it’s great to be a Slytherin” does not necessarily present the best reasons. Like, “Snakes are cool”? What sort of reason is that? I have to say that the person who wrote that article probably wasn’t even in Slytherin. Second, if you’re not in Slytherin I don’t mean to offend you in anyway, all the Hogwarts houses are awesome. (I genuinely believe all of them are really good, it’s just that I am a Slytherin and I’d rather be optimistic about being in that house. Oh, and I like to show Hogwarts house pride!)

The center traits of Slytherins are ambition, determination, shrewdness, and resourcefulness. Let’s start off by saying these are great traits to have! Do you have any idea how useful they are in the real world? Ambition will get you anywhere you want to be. Slytherins are goal getters! Determination is the one thing that will let you keep going even when you fail. Like how muggles say, “And when everything falls apart and you have a diamond in your pocket, Shine your shoes!” Only true Slytherins will be able to do this till the very end. Now here is the end of my arguement until i think something better!