Salazar Slytherin was a pure-blood wizard. Noted for his cunning and determination, he was regarded as one of the greatest wizards of the age and was one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Godric Gryffindor was also a powerful wizard and one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alog with Slazar Slytherin. He valued courage and bravery. Godric was also in favour of allowing muggle-borns to be taught magic. His portrait still hangs proudly within Hogwarts Castle.

Go online try to find some articles out there that claim to show why Slytherin is the best house. You won’t be able to find many that are good. You can see they aren’t very deep and don’t have very genuine reasons. Some of are even biased and say that Slytherins are evil. I’m going to be telling you today why Slytherin is the best house with genuine, thoughtful reasons.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Non Slytherin muggle claiming to be in Slytherin house. Since you were probably sorted into Slytherin by Pottermore and not the Sorting Hat, you might not actually be a Slytherin. But let’s put those reasons aside because that is another topic to talk about another day. First off, let me just say that Pottermore, as great as a website it is, their article “6 reasons why it’s great to be a Slytherin” does not necessarily present the best reasons. Like, “Snakes are cool”? What sort of reason is that? I have to say that the person who wrote that article probably wasn’t even in Slytherin. Second, if you’re not in Slytherin I don’t mean to offend you in anyway, all the Hogwarts houses are awesome. (I genuinely believe all of them are really good, it’s just that I am a Slytherin and I’d rather be optimistic about being in that house. Oh, and I like to show Hogwarts house pride!)

The center traits of Slytherins are ambition, determination, shrewdness, and resourcefulness. Let’s start off by saying these are great traits to have! Do you have any idea how useful they are in the real world? Ambition will get you anywhere you want to be. Slytherins are goal getters! Determination is the one thing that will let you keep going even when you fail. Like how muggles say, “And when everything falls apart and you have a diamond in your pocket, Shine your shoes!” Only true Slytherins will be able to do this till the very end. Now here is the end of my arguement until i think something better!

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Arash has been writing stories ever since he could hold a pencil! What started out as an intrinsic love for storytelling has turned into his lifelong passion. There’s nothing he likes better than writing (and reading) stories that is humorous in English and Persian languages, with a touch of Suspense and a poignant streak of truth running through them. Arash is also a YouTuber, Persian singer/songwriter, blogger, traveler, filmmaker, big dreamer, and professional kabob eater. When he’s not writing or dreaming up new stories, you can find him in an adventure road-tripping to national parks! If you want to see Arash in his element (ranting about stories) check out his YouTube channel.

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