In the monologue from AM I JEWISH?, ARASH talks to the audience about the issues he has with his aquaintances and his parents, especially in the face of his quarentine in a jewish household.

ARASH: I come from a family that never had any faith in me. They all had this poor man’s mentality and they were jewish.I am muslim and i think nobody needs to settle for what they are born into, there’s always a possibility to grow spiritually.

I don’t want to put my family down but the truth is in the facts. I grew up very poor and not being given education in a muslim country. Everything were hands on downs even the information i was being told. If I needed a sweater, my mother would knit me one, there was no word as ‘shopping’. I looked like a girl up until a few years ago because I was always wearing girls hand me downs.

Both my parents never strived for anything more than what they could see in front of their faces. My father, he’s a factory worker In down town la and my mother does house work on the side, when it’s available. It was always go to school and get a job. It was never build your own business and follow what you want to do, no books or intelligent talks especially if you are good at it. Even though I live on my own and have found success, I’m not one bit happy. Yeah, I could get my mother’s broken sink fixed or surprise my dad with a new set of tools, but I always get the feeling that I’m looked down upon, you know? Like they aren’t happy for me and it hurts even i dont know where the mosques are nowadays. I dont even know how to do wudu either.For once I’d like to get told I’m doing a good job, like I’m somewhat appreciated…

Arash’s Have i gone crazy? question

Waiting In The Wings is a monologue taken from a one-act play wherein Arash has murdered his boss and finds assistance from a co-worker to dispose the body.

ARASH: I don’t know what came over me. When I entered this room to get my money, I was in some sort of trance. To be honest, I can’t recall ever feeling like I did. It was like an out of body experience of some kind…I was present, had all my senses, but I was seeing things differently.

It was like I was watching myself, but still behaving as myself. That make any sense to you?

…I wasn’t up for anymore of his disgusting games. I couldn’t bare not one more second of it….when he placed his hand on my thigh, it was like a trigger went off in my brain. Something else waiting in the wings took over and before I knew it he had that knife sticking out from his chest.

Maybe, I had it planned. I must have had it all worked out in my mind somehow, for all them times he put his chunky fingers on my body. Somewhere in back of my head, was swimming around an idea…I think maybe I had imagined all of it before and now it’s true. It all came true! lol

It was so natural, as if it was meant to happen. I feel empty. No anger, no sadness. Just numb. That normal? Maybe I’ve gone crazy. Have I gone crazy?

Arash’s “My passport to Slytherin” MONOLOGUE

If all you know about me is that I’m a Slytherin, then you don’t know anything about me. Just because I’m from the house whose mascot is a serpent and don the green and silver doesn’t mean I’m an evil, psychotic witch. It always bothers me that people are so quick to judge and assume the worst once they find out you’re in the house that has produced some of the darkest wizards of this era. It doesn’t mean that all Slytherins are destined to follow in their footsteps and that my idol is Tom Riddle.

Not all Slytherins are evil.

Slytherin itself values ambition, cunning, resourcefulness and determination. Which one of those is synonymous with evil? Ambition isn’t a path to evil. It can be if you don’t keep your head on your shoulders—but isn’t that true of anything? Cunning is often viewed as a dark side to cleverness, but it can help you in difficult situations. Also, bravery, loyalty and cleverness can be just as evil if used for the wrong purpose. You can use your bravery to commit atrocities. You can be loyal to the wrong side. Or you can use your wit for deceitful purposes.

Slytherin isn’t the only house that has produced Dark wizard and witches.

Does that mean that Slytherin is off the hook and is as pure as the unicorn’s backside? No, but who is perfect? I’m not. So do I regret being sorted into Slytherin and think maybe I should be in another more reputable house? Not at all, even if I don’t get along with many other Slytherins because I find them arrogant and ignorant, I feel I belong in Slytherin. I’m ambitious, I’m cunning, and I am very determined and resourceful. I’m not wicked, and anyone who makes an effort to get to know me can tell you that.

Being from Slytherin, I usually get one of two reactions when I tell people what School house I was in. People either recoil away from me and mistrust me or I get the irritating and condescending reaction of, “You were in Slytherin? But you’re so nice!”

Of course, not conforming to what some consider to be Slytherin’s ideals and just being in Slytherin – I don’t have very many friends. People don’t generally trust me because I’m in Slytherin. I don’t need your pity though, I have some friends. My closest friend is a Hufflepuff

So, don’t judge a potion by its colour. Give us the same chance you’d give someone from Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. That’s all I ask.


In Perception , Arash talks to his friend Todd about how he believes his other friend Tom is stealing his creative story ideas.

ARASH: It’s more than that. He’s tapping into my ideas. I shared a story with his about a woman who is in love with a humanoid and now he’s writing a story about a woman who is in love with a humanoid.

I almost feel like he’s competing with me. I get this strange vibe from him, like he’s using me for data and then going at it alone to generate similar concepts with his own imagination and it’s irritating me. I haven’t been able to write for weeks and I am so frustrated cause I feel like a traitor to myself for sharing my ideas with is and the best part of it all is that he’s spitting back her own story concepts at me as if they are his own and it’s like rubbing crap in my face. It stinks so bad and I want to call him out on it but if I do it’s gonna make me look like I’m crazy because how do you prove that someone is stealing your story ideas and passing them off as their own?!

I need a break…from him. I can’t have these weekly get togethers about his writing progress because it’s draining me, clearly it’s bringing me down and he’s off floating around like a butterfly and everything’s bright and happy and now I’m the miserable one. It’s like we’ve changed places.

Walking quarentine days Isn’t Fun

In this comedy monologue, ARASH complains to his neighbor about how he doesn’t want to walk outside because it’s too quarentine outside.  

ARASH:  I don’t wanna walk the dog, dear.  It’s too hot cold weird outside.  You walk.  I know I wanted to but still…I go outside everyday.  Why can’t we have a yard? 

What?  No, I’m not getting wise but I’m just saying that you could walk the dog sometimes, too. 

  I know its my feet , but it’s a lot to handle.

I know I agreed to take on the responsibility but this is insane.  I’m just a kid.  You know, there’s video games and TV and my friends in quarentin…

I have a life.  It’s like all I do is walking around.  I have homework.  Lots of homework, bro.  I’m trying to get good grades and this is cutting into my study time.  I’m one person.  A little help would be nice.    I’m not exaggerating.  I’m telling you the truth.  This is getting tough for me.

It’s freezing outside.  I could die.  I wanna keep Amilia but it’s, you know, we gotta figure this thing out,bro.  It’s getting in the way of my life.  Please.

You can go home again!

Description: Who says you cant go home again. wrong! A young man cant wait to go home! you can indeed go home again.

I know, I know,Mom It’s time to get up.I can’t wait to go to work today or at least outside but wait it is quarentine no school unless it is hogwarts. wait i am a muggle!.They say home is where the heart is! Today is my first day on my online classes.I wonder what class i am in?

I wonder who will i meet? I hope i make alot of new friends. I wish i had friends like harry potter and hermoine granger. people tell me you cant go home again its not the same i say wrong again you can go home again!go home!

Film Monologue Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, Neville Longbottom

AuthorSteve Kloves
RoleNeville Longbottom
ActorMatthew  Lewis

“I’d like to say something. Doesn’t matter that Harry’s gone. People die everyday— Yeah, we lost Harry tonight. But he’s still with us…in here. So is Fred, Remus, Tonks…all of them. They didn’t die in vain! But you will! Cause you’re wrong! Harry’s heart did beat for us! For all of us! It’s not over!”

Dark Side of My Mugglehood

Description:In this drama monologue Dark Side of My Mugglehood, ARASH talks to his friends in Los Angles about how he struggles with two sides to his personality.

ARASH: I am a muggle!. Unfortuantely  there’s a dark side of my brain.  I have these thoughts sometimes that aren’t good.  They are loud in my head but me…well, I shouldn’t say it that way…I don’t mind if people succeed, and i dont care they succeed more than me but i need to succeed to but they block me not to succeeed.  I don’t go around wishing anyone bad or go out of my way to hurt anyone, but I noticed that in the deeper part of my mind, like the dark side of the mugglhood, things tend to get blurred between my good nature and truly not giving a damn about whoever I’ve carried over to that quiet, cold, shadowed part of my consciousness.

I’m trying to decipher how to put some kind of impenetrable gate on the border of that section of my brain. I don’t like the feelings I get that creep up on me…actually, here’s the thing, I do like the feelings I get, I do but that’s why I want to block them out, the thoughts, because I don’t want to get too cloudy and lost traveling around there…

I don’t ever want to get trapped.

The color of islam!

Before:When i was growing up in Iran i thought islam was green or black or red! like judaism and christianity that its true face changes.I have always been next to islam but it wasnt until my addictions kicked in that i had to learn the hard way. What motivated me to learn about islam? What were my actions? How did i try to satisfy your inner needs? I dont know yet.(Examples of my and most others inner needs are loneliness, fear of death, insecurity. Possible ways to fill those needs include work, money, drugs, relationships, sports, sex.)

How: How did i converted? I can simply tell the events and circumstances that caused me to consider Islam as the solution to my searching. I grew up in islam and islam chose me.

Since: How has my islamic life made a difference? How have my thoughts, attitudes, and emotions changed? Share how Islam is meeting my needs and what a relationship with it means to me now.

How has islam forgiveness impacted me? Islam gave me 5 pillar to build my life.I was tired of being sick and tired.Islam color is red the color of rubies and green the color of emeralds and sapphires the color of sapphires and yellow the color of diamonds.