The wholefood market monologue

Dude, I had the worst day at the market today. I went into The wholefood, right? The only store othat is open nowadays and they wears letting in 3 people at a time! because people like to arush in durig pandemic .so I tried on the cutest things. Dudes like me, you know how most of the time things don’t fit right for my taste, and you leave with two things out of ten? Not today! Everything I tried on fit perfectly! I went up to the cashier to pay. The line was soooo long people were hoarding! Like I’m not even joking, it was all the way back to the end of isles! He had everything rung out and everything was going great, until I reached into my backpack to grab my credit card and it wasn’t there! I didn’t know what to do! I panicked and left all those sweet grocery on the counter. I just decided to leave and go to my car. I opened the door and guess what? My card was sitting right there! On my seat!

My Euology for my belated grandmother

Wow. A lot of people here today. No pressure, haha

They say the worst things happen to the best people, and I agree. My Grandmother was a great person! She really was. She told stories and did impressions every chance she got. I hated them.really

They were never accurate anyway. Her impression of Rose doing Titanic sounded more like true love. Those of you who were her students knew a caring, dedicated, and hilarious teacher. Sounds like a good girl. It’s too bad I got to meet her. The woman I knew was short-tempered, distant and narcissistic and acted like little girl. The day I found she was dead, I was attacked verbally by my family members. That’s bad, I know. Sounds like a horrible thing to say, but she didn’t love me only coditionally like most love. She didnt ignore me when I asked her questions or shared my opinion maybe she should have. I was her daughter”s son; she was supposed to care. Her work occupied all her time. I didn’t see why it mattered so much, She was just a mother and babysitter and they were just patients like people around me. I was the one who deserved her time. I was the one who deserved her care but didnt get it. I was her oldest grand son. As I watched her fade away in her house I thought for once, just once, I would have her undivided attention. I didn’t. Even in the last days of her life all She could think about was other people. Her bloody patients. She wrote some of you letters some of you not. They weren’t just any fair-well letters though. She wrote you to tell you what you meant to her. I got alot of letter. It’s not selfish really, I know, but I deserved less. I thought it was okay, though. I thought she would surely change in the end. She was dying. Maybe things would be different. She was going to tell me that she loved me, and she did, and she would mean it.She told me she loved me. I read some of the letters she wrote me, one was to a boy named Arash. Maybe you are here today. My grand ma told Me that she had made her see the world in a different way. Opened up her eyes, She said. Shifted her perspective, she said. My grand mother was a phanatic and I loved her. As my grand mother took his last breath I asleep, but I wasn’t neither sad nor happy, I was angry. Where is my goodbye? I deserved it, didn’t I? I was her grandson! But she was dead. You can all go on and mourn the loss of a “great” woman, but I knew the real Roza. She had you all fooled again.

Zoom the Zipper : The Uncensored memory lane monlogue by Arash Eliss

I can’t believe this is happening to us in the U.S.! I know I need to remain strong but we’ve worked so hard to get where we are and now this damn virus is going to destroy everything i’ve built. It’s going to ruin all our lives. And nobody cares…you’d think family would reach out to us and ask us how we’re doing? My brother hasn’t reached out to me once, not once and I’m ok with that.i am not ok here in usa. i wish i was in Mexico.

Our wedding doesn’t even get mentioned, you know why? Cause nobody gave a shit to begin with. That’s the truth. only zoom hijacking. Is love supose to beon the zoom the zipper.

Why should we be happy? Right? Why? And now we have to live like rats in this apartment, amongst the filth, the mess, the landlord won’t even finish the evilness now, he’ll not use the virus as his excuse or he will will he?, to leave it like that for months. It’ll go on victimizin throughout the night, a further aggravation. All this, it’s making me weak.

See my face? See me? See how I’m looking? Have you noticed? No, no, you haven’t noticed, because you don’t look at me, you glance, just glance in my direction. There’s no love , there’s no love during the times corona, everything is forgotten, all that exists is this mess, its ominous smell. Don’t you see it? I see it, I feel it. But you don’t! You just live in it like everything’s going to be okay, like everything is gonna be back to normal. NOTHING is normal, there is no normal. Are you blind? Things are getting worse and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it!

I hear my head it is loud but meditation only meditation might work.

…Wait…wait, I remember…this happened before. I remember. I spoke to them, I already spoke to my family, my, I heard from the church, didn’t I? He told me next month…next month. I am to go to a codependent meeting …realy on god, what’s going on ?this is suppose be what? What’s happening?!