My Own Private Validation of Things

In this monologue, ARASH talks to a friend about some thoughts on religion and perspective on living life your own truthful way.

Arash: I never talk about how blessed I am.  Today, is a day of thanks.  I thank God for blessing me.  Now, maybe God isn’t your thing and that’s fine.  My generation has many misgivings about God.  Friends of mine doubt the existence of a God and I see future generations contemplating such thoughts more often than not.

Everyone has a right to believe in what they want so long as no one gets hurt with such beliefs.  Life must always be respected and protected.

I have my own reasons for what I believe.  I have my own private validation of things from the big man….it’s true…trust me…when I was traveling through hell and hanging out with my assigned demons and very near the comfort of my own darkness, I made a last ditched attempt with some angry demands one night while staring up at the stars and I was met with some heavy shit, so…that’s as far as I choose to go with that.   Maybe I’m nuts and I actually do know I’m nuts but it’s cool, I can roll with it, nothing wrong with being nuts man.

I’m not a religious type and I don’t want to be.  I don’t go to mosque or celebrate ramadan compeletly type things because I don’t like feeling like I’m one of the herd.  Not cause I want to stand out or be different but just because…

That shouldn’t make me appear to be viewed as a bad guy, even though to some I am because I don’t follow formality.  Most people don’t understand why I don’t go to weddings, birthdays or funerals and it hurts to take the criticism but my actions are never meant to hurt anyone.

This is who I am, take it or leave it.

Anyway, I’m going on a bit here…just want to give thanks for my life and the way I’ve chosen to live it out.

The Devil and Me

It is the 19th century and Arash, a young man from a small town, confesses to his local priest his deepest, darkest thoughts about the devil.

Arash: I don’t fear him, Father. Though I know he is always there. He doesn’t leave me, ever. I pity him at times and in my weakest moments, I admire him sometimes.

I have known that saints have battled with the devil themselves and it has been something that I have recently thought about a lot. Perhaps you can help me understand, I think that I am someone special Father…I have thought about this for some time.

Although my life is completely mundane, my spirit is otherwise. You see, I take these long walks every morning, before anyone in my household wakes up, I leave, alone. I walk for miles, over the streets until I reach the ocean front and it is there when my mind at times has amazed me, it has blazed with these visions and voices and sometimes when I am not so strong, I think the worst of happenings. I imagine myself and the devil holding one another and then I imagine destroying him cutting him open!, tearing him apart and gripping the insides of his soul, the dark light he possesses.

And after all of this, I cannot say that I hate him Father, that I do not see his worth. This, I must admit to you…

Being Underwhelmed

This is a dark humor monologue that explores Arash is numb to life because he is absolutely bored stiff with his surroundings and everything in it during quarentine.

Arash:  I’m underwhelmed.  Nothing impresses me or excites me.  I am amazed by nothing.  I am numb to this world and everything in it.  I go through life with one face that doesn’t move.  I never smile, cry, laugh, frown.  I’m a hollow vessel and my thoughts are empty.


My friend tells me I should seek adventure.  I tell my friend that there is nothing adventurous.

I work in the mail department. I do the mail.  Meet all kinds of personalities and I’m immune to the happy people, stressed people and idiot people.

An invisible shield has enveloped my being and my eyes are clogged with fog.  Nothing reaches me and I reach nothing.

Existence is only breathing…silently.

Going Vegan

In this dramatic monologue Going Vegan, ARASH justifies his reason for choosing a vegan diet and way of living his life.

Arash:  I have decided to change my diet to vegan only. It’s not just the animals and environment I’m worried about, it’s also the way humanity acts. I just think it’s getting worse, we are becoming more of a selfish race, more self-obsessed, violent, a lack of care toward one another. I don’t want to be part of that selfish existence, throw my trash wherever, consume heavy amounts of animal product, it’s disgusting.

I know in my heart that it isn’t right. No wonder I get depressed, maybe because I’m part of this culture that is growing worse and worse. I just feel like we live in a world where there is so much violence, so much pain and here we are consuming it.

Other Side of the Road

In Other Side of the Road, Arash talks about the squirrel he saw hit with a car while on standing outside a store.

Arash: Grandma, I feel so guilty. I was standing outside lincoln blvd when i saw it happened. I should have been focusing on minding my business but I was distracted with thought to my iphone and when I looked back up I saw that squirrel, standing straight up, with his tiny hands stretched out,not looking directly into my eyes but running away and THUMP.

I slammed on my breaks as hard as I could but I knew it was too late…I felt the impact.

I’m responsible for taking a life, this cute, adorable, playful little squirrel. All he was doing was crossing the street to go play with his friends and I came along ending his entire existence.

I saw them. I saw the other squirrels. There were about five of them, on the other side of the road, waiting for him, waiting for him to cross the street.

When I got out of the car I was shaking and I had to will myself to see the front bumper because I was still hoping that maybe what I felt wasn’t real or maybe I just tapped the little guy and he was just shaken up but no, no, he was squished into my bumper like a pancake and I am to blame.

I have a stain on my heart that can’t ever be removed because I killed him…it’s my fault Grandma.

Arash’s Stop Acting Like You’re The Best

Arash gives heis nephew some valuable conversation on how he needs to stop bragging all the time in order to be cool and instead focus on having humility in his character instead.

Arash: It’s good to show confidence but you need to stop showing off.  No one likes a show off.  This constant bragging and chest puffy thing you do when you walk is quite foolish.  It is.  It is.

You can take pride in what you do but be humble.  Don’t go off blabbering how you have this and you’re going to do that because you’re this and someone else isn’t.  That’s not a good way to be in life.

By being humble, you can actually become an example…a role model, rather than a braggart.  You can give more value to people that way.

You don’t need to make such exclamations about how great you are…no one truly cares to be honest and all you’re doing is annoying people around you.

Learn to talk positive and stop acting like you’re the best…even if you are the best, don’t put it in everyone’s face because if you truly are the greatest…they will already know that and it’s all the more reason for you to keep your mouth shut and own it quietly.

Let what you do speak for itself.

Arash’s “Restraint” Monologue

In this Arash’s dramatic monologue Restraint, Arash does his best to refrain from having an emotional outburst.

Arash:  Why is it that every time I try and communicate with you properly, you say something to me that pisses me off?  Why can’t we just talk normal?  Why does it always have to be about zinging each other?  

  Look, I just want to be able to speak to one another like adults; just want to be capable of having a conversation, to hear both sides and to get along while we work out a solution to our differences.  Is that so difficult?  Is it?  Can you be with me on this and stop the name calling and the swearing and all the other crap that comes with the negativity because we will get nowhere in this relationship if things continue this way.  Are you with me?

Arash’s “Truth are in the Facts!” Screen Play

Truth are in the facts” is a dark scene drama between Arash and Heather discussing a stranger who is jeopardizing their establishment. 

Arash: We need to keep him out.

Heather: Isn’t that what we are already doing?

Arash: He’s growing stronger.

Heather: You think?

Arash: Yes. Let’s send a curve ball his way.

Heather: What do you suggest?

Arash: I’m not exactly sure. It seems as though he continues to get past our blockade. All we are truly accomplishing is delaying his momentum. Nothing seems to keep him down. We must get more creative.

Heather: I could make a few calls…

Arash: You may. But understand that not a hair on his head gets touched.

Heather: Of course

Arash: Need I remind you as to who he is?

Heather: No, sir.

Arash: The point of the matter is to hold him off for as long as possible. I do not doubt he will break through. He has my genetics. He will surely break through.

Heather: Do you believe this will all come to a head?

Arash: Most certainly. When it does, I will have no choice but to tell him the truth of his bloodline.

Heather: Do you think he will believe you?

Arash: He will have no choice. The facts are simply the facts.

Heather: What do you imagine he will do?

Arash: Well, for one I don’t imagine anything. I am most certain what he will do. That, I’m afraid is what I fear most.

Heather: Fear?

Arash: How shall I convince him to join our way? It must be done of his own accord. Yet, he wants to distinguish the very existence of us.

Heather: I don’t believe he will wish to exterminate his own kind.

Arash: That is yet to be seen. Right now he is full of courage, of values, of motivation…he has a vision. It all makes sense.

Heather: What does?

Arash: That the very fiber of our right to live has the potential to eat itself, despite oneself.


Heather: What if we beat him to the punch and bring him in?

Arash: I’ve considered that option but it won’t work. It will only fire him up.

Heather: Sir, it appears as though it will come down to us or him. The two cannot coexist.

Arash: It will be his decision.

Heather: But you are the one to decide. Why him?

Arash: It will be the better option. If we give him the power, sooner or later it will drop over him.

Heather: I see.

Arash: Do you?

Heather: I don’t know in what manner exactly, but I understand your theory.

Arash: He will find his own trouble and do himself in when the time comes.

Heather: Sir? What if he doesn’t?

Arash: Then I may be forced to encounter the unthinkable. As we’ve stated, it will come down to him or us.

Heather: Perhaps there is a middle ground?

Arash: No Middle Ground. Not with his energy, strength and conviction.  One thing is for sure. We will not crumble…

Arash’s Four Summers Ago Monologue

In this monologue, Four Summers Ago, Arash talks to his sister Sally about the nature of their relationship and how he copes with his descriptive words.

ARASH: You know, I don’t even care that you called me a failure, it was what was behind it that hurt me most. The way it sounded when it came out of your mouth. There was so much heat inside of that word, so much potency, it went right through my veins, I felt it all, it sizzled it’s way through me as if I was set on top of an erupting volcano and it stayed with me, all these years, it’s kept with me…cause I learned to like it…I enjoy the burn…I’ve grown accustomed to it, it’s become my go to friend whenever I’m down, it taps me on the shoulder and wakes me up from my depression, it whispers in my ear, (whispering) FAILURE. And when I hear that word, it’s the sound of your voice—I feel everything all over again and I’m thrown back into my fight to be somebody because I want to prove you wrong. I want you to chew and swallow that word of yours, I want you to wish you never said it to me, I want you to choke on that word until you vomit.

Arash’s “Only The Good Will Remain”

In this dark drama monologue, Only The Good Will Remain, Arash goes off on a tangent about the unhappiness he has lived through with his family.

Arash: You are a real mop. A waste of human existence. If I could put my hands on you, I would. What is your purpose? You are so dirty…

Smoking your cigarettes like they are the only thing keeping you alive. Puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff. Like a fiend.

Your soul is black! You witch!

That’s all you are good at actually, creating drama. You should go into the entertainment industry and put on a show because you would win awards for all the amazing drama you create.

You could even win a Pulitzer for most wicked woman on Earth! No doubt!

The mold you have spread over what was good in this family will never be repaired. Maybe that has been your true calling…to divide us all. To bring apart this loving family.

Perhaps…perhaps…yes, so much wrong, so many years, so much—one day, one day this will all change for the better…you will be gone and forgotten and only the good will remain.