What’s Up Bro, You Alright?

Arash tries to comfort his friend over his breakup with his girl even though he is secretly seeing the same girl behind his friends back.  

Arash: I told you she was nuts but you wouldn’t listen to me Cody.  I warned you but as always you know everything.  None of this would have happened if you would have listened to me in the first place.

I feel bad for you.  I really do.  I wish I was wrong about her but I’ve always had that sixth sense about people.  When you first introduced me to her I didn’t like her.  It’s not that I didn’t want to like her, of course I wanted to like her but she rubbed me the wrong way.  She didn’t seem—eh, it’s stupid for me to say all this now, isn’t it?

I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to bring all that up.  I know you’re upset.  You want me to leave you alone?  I’ll just leave.  Yeah, hang in there.  I’ll call you later tonight, alright?  …Okay.

Carla, hey, what’s going on?  What?  No, no, I just left him.  Yeah.  He’s all messed up.  I actually do feel bad for him.  He’s taking it worse than I thought.  I didn’t know he was so into you.  Where am I?  I just told you.  I just left his house.  Yeah.  What are you—yeah, you want me to come over?  Now or—okay, cool, yeah, did you eat yet?  Alright, so, we’ll go eat if you want.

Yeah, he was all depressed on his couch.  You really wrecked him. ha ha.  Shit.  Oh, wait, wait, wait, he’s calling me on the the other line–shit–yeah, let me call you ba–I’ll see you in a few, I’m on my way to you now.  Yeah, yeah— Cody…what’s up bro, you alright??

Pick Up Line

In this comedy monologue, First Move, Arash is trying to figure out whether or not he should ask out the lady he likes.

Arash:  I told Josh it was okay, but I don’t know why I said it was not okay.  I’ve liked Abbie for so long.  She’s never asked me out and I guess I can’t wait forever.  I’m not gonna ask her out, not like Abbie.

Josh is a dueche bag.  I can’t believe he’s going to ask her out…

It makes me so mad.  Maybe, I should have been the one to make the first move.  I don’t know.

And I bet she’s gonna say yes to Josh and they’re gonna start dating and I have to live with regret that I didn’t do anything.

Why couldn’t she just ask me out?  I feel that she likes me.  Makes no sense.

No, you know what?  I’m gonna talk to her.  I’m gonna get to her before dueche josh and I don’t care what I told Josh because I liked her first and I want to date her and that’s that.  Right?

…I don’t know…I’m confused.  What do you think I should do?

Stop Playing The Victim

In this teen monologue, Arash visits his friend and is yet again met with his friend’s negative attitude that he is sick of dealing with for so long.

Arash:  I’m trying to understand something.  Why is it that when I talk to you about things that make me happy you always get down?  Whenever I talk to you about things that upset me, you always get so involved.

Do you want me to be miserable in my life?  I feel as though the only way for us to have any relationship is when things are bad.  I don’t want things to be bad.  I want to talk about good things.  I want to hear you tell me good things.  Why is that so hard for you?  Do you realize that every time I come over here you have nothing nice to say.  You are always complaining and moaning about your work, your wife, your family, your apartment…you never have anything happy going on it seems.

It’s like the only way you can exist and communicate is by raging against something.  Doesn’t that exhaust you?  It takes more energy to be miserable than be happy.  Try being happy and stop playing the victim all the time.

Arash’s “Future Monologue”

Arash:  So much time invested into future. Listen to me, I am a grown man, am i not? I have dreams, so many dreams of how I wish things to be, the more I make the effort to capture those dreams the more I seem to lose my grasp of it. I sometimes work myself up to the point of excitement and I’m free and happy and live in my own fantasy world of how my relationship can be with my one and only life and I fool myself into thinking it’s real, until the bubble gets popped and reality sets in and I’m back where I started, staring at the walls in this room, wondering how I can possibly work up the strength to somehow rise past the latest heartbreak and it’s in those moments, moments of complete loss, when I know how much I love my life.

Treat Me Nice

Arash doesn’t get along with his mother.  They live together.  Just the two of them.  They are masters at pushing one another’s buttons.

Arash:  Look, I know you haven’t felt well lately.  I know that you aren’t well…so it makes it hard for me to tell you this…I wish we were close.  I wish we were friends.  I, I don’t like waking up in the morning, scrambling your eggs with you shouting obscenities in the background at me about things that don’t deserve shouting.

I understand it’s hard for you.  I get that but you forget that I’m a person.  I’m not, you know, some peasant slave you’ve hired to cook and clean.  I am your son.  I don’t feel like I’m your son, but I am, I guess.

These are the cards we were dealt, Mom.

I’m sorry I’m not all that you hoped for and that this life we live here together isn’t glamorous and that Dad abandoned us when I was born and you shouldn’t make me feel like it’s my fault!   I didn’t even know the guy.  I never even met him and I, I just want to say that I try, you know, I try to be there for you and do all the things a good daughter is supposed to do for her mother but you are such a rude bitch and I can’t take it anymore!

Be nice…to me.  I’m worth enough to be treated nice.  Treat me nice before I have an outburst.  A real outburst.  I’m talking a sumo outburst.  Huge.  So…treat me nice.  Do you want more coffee?

Arash’s Land Of The Forgotten

Arash:  Don’t feel bad for me, believe me, I don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. I’m aware of the wrongs I’ve done. The problem is figuring out how to undo them and sooner or later you realize the damage is done, like a tornado smashing up a house, most of the pieces remain but things have turned into something else…

you can try to pick up the pieces, you can try to mend things, make something new but it’s never the same, it’s always weaker than it was previously, and so after a good while everyone gets tired of rebuilding the same old house and you admit to yourself that it’s not worth the effort, you’re better off walking away, with the hopes of finding something more concrete, but you don’t, you never do, you can’t because of what everything meant to you, so you’re sort of stuck in this bubble, bubble of the mind, that you aren’t strong enough to pop and thankfully you can’t, cause God only knows what more of a mess you’d make of things, so there it is…


You’ve been with me for so long, through everything, the ups, and downs, and during all of the struggles that come with growing up, you have been my best friend. What a childhood I’ve had, with an Addictiond by my side! You listened to the stories about the bullies, you rescued me when everyone else in the house was yelling out of hurt and anger. You stayed up late with me looking at the stars. You pushed me to be brave and to stand up for myself, and through it all, you were there. Like no one else in my life, you were always present. No late-night work, drunken moods, or angry fits could change you. You never changed, you were a patient listener, my addictions sidekick in every battle, and my trusted confidant. And now, there is something I need to say to you. I’m going off to college next week, and I can’t take you with me. I know you’re not real, I know that you are my imaginary friend. That was never a problem, because I didn’t want to go a single day without my Addictions by my side. But I’m growing up, heck I am grown up, and grown-ups can’t go around talking to a friend named Addiction. So, from now on I will call you Goodee.

Stay The Night

In the drama monologue from Stay The Night, Arash opens up to Emily about one story from his past that he regrets with regards to his father.

Arash: Does it mean that much to you?

When I was a kid, must have been seven or eight years old, I fell ill while at school. My head was pounding and I threw up and I went to the nurses office. Well, I was starting to burn up with fever and my father came to pick me up. I remember being happy to see him because I was so sick, but the minute we left the nurses office I caught a beating in the hallway. Right in front of this girl Kenya I had a crush on. I was smacked one way, then the other way, pushed into the staircase and kicked…and kenya, by the look of her eyes, I knew she witnessed the whole thing. I was humiliated.

I didn’t care less about the beating because I was used to getting hit, but the embarrassment, oh, that was horrible. I knew I’d have to face her and whoever else she told, when I went back to school. Are you happy I shared that story with you?

Sand Angels

In this short drama monologue from the one-act ePlay Sand Angels, Arash rages and sulks over whether or not his life so far has been interesting.

Arash: I’m just feeling like my best years are behind me now since my bday. Part of me thinks I didn’t do enough during my prime. I look back and I see how I moved through life and it never dawned on me that time really does run out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid, I know we’re all gonna die, eventually, but I never considered that this is it, this is all I’m gonna be. The same day lived over with slight nuances but virtually the same. It’s like living all the variations of the same day with nothing spectacular ever happening. You know, my whole life, I don’t imagine there’s ever been anything spectacular about it. My lifeline has always been a series of small bumps in the road with nothing higher than normal, nothing that would ever make me lose my breath for good reason, and I don’t imagine it ever will.

No Is Better Than Silence

This monologues comes from the one-act play No Is Better Than Silence, about Arash going through major changes in his relationship.

Arash: You see, for the longest time I’ve felt less. Not so much as a dude, I’ve always kept that intact but more so as a human being. I fell into the trap of relying on you, for everything.

So much so that I couldn’t go anywhere without asking for a handout. The last time I used to go around like that I was a child asking my mother for change, so I could hit up the candy store and get candy.

It affected my psyche and began chipping away at my psyche until finally bringing me back to a place where I couldn’t cope with the imbalance between us. You started giving me demands, I started doing things I didn’t want to do around the house, out of guilt. You gave me more demands, started questioning me all the time, until finally I caught you reading my novel, without my permission and all you had to say was nothing but negative things about it.

All you cared about was your own character in my book. Never taking into account that it’s a fictional character, stemming from my imagination. Yes, there are similar traits, yes you’ve inspired me to create this character, but you went way too hard on me in such a selfish, inconsiderate way that something finally snapped inside of me, like a rope keeping a boat in place during a hurricane and I was that rope and I’m the one who SNAPPED! Now I’m off sailing as the captain of my own ship and I can go wherever I want, whenever I want and I don’t need you.