All That Matters Most

In All That Matters Most, Arash is on the verge of losing his business during a time when his family needs him the most financially.

Arash: I think we should sell the house. Nothing’s picking up…had two customers today and one of them was the gunner, so…I’m doing everything I can do with the business and nothing is working out…nothing.

This has never happened to me before. I’ve always been able to figure something out…I’m squeezed, squeezed to my max…I can’t make people come into my store…doing all kinds of marketing, everything’s draining whatever money I have left in the budget…nothing works and time is running out, fast…we’re on the brink…living day to day is haunting me, making me remember the early years when we were first starting out together…in some ways those were the best years of my life, but we struggled a whole lot, didn’t we?

I remember when twenty bucks was a lot of money to buy groceries; remember when the lights were off for months and we had candles for light at night? I never told you this story but—I think you were away visiting family and I was in the apartment by myself and the lights were out. It was just me and the cat and I had to go to the toilet and brought a candle in the bathroom with me. I set it down on the sink and after I went to the bathroom and started wiping, I leaned over and my shoulder touched the candle and the sweater I was wearing caught on fire. Within seconds, my entire sweater went up in flames and I dove directly into the cat litter box and put myself out. Had a knot on my forehead from the whole episode from the dive, but I stopped myself from getting burned, oh, except for my eyebrow, I had one eyebrow that got singed but it grew back in time before you came back home. Oh, and my eyelid hairs got burnt on one eye, kept sticking together whenever I blinked. For three days I had to deal with that shit, until finally they stopped sticking together. Absolute torture.

It’s alright to laugh. Get it all out. You’re out there having a great vacation and I’m having yet another near death experience. Story of my life. (beat) I’m accident prone. What can I say?

…I don’t want to sell our home, especially after how hard we worked to get here, but it’s a matter of survival. I thought things would kick back by now but things keep holding on and holding on and business is suffering and now…

I made mistakes. Spent too much time focused on having a good time, trying to make memories with you and the kids and have a good life, but now it’s all coming back to blow up in my face cause I didn’t plan right. I didn’t think far enough ahead, I didn’t think my business would ever take such a hit for so long a period of time.

I just care about things being good for you and the kids. That’s all I care about. I don’t give a damn about me. Sometimes I wish I did die, so you can collect the insurance policy and I’d know yo were all okay…I just want things to work out for my family. That’s all that matters most.

Only The Good Will Remain

In this dark drama monologue, Only The Good Will Remain,Arash goes off on a tangent about the unhappiness he has lived through with his family.

Arash:  You are a real mop.  A waste of human existence.  If I could put my hands on you, I would.  What is your purpose?  You are so dirty…

Smoking your cigarettes like they are the only thing keeping you alive.  Puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff.  Like a fiend.

Your soul is black!  You asshole!

That’s all you are good at actually, creating drama.  You should go into the entertainment industry and put on a show because you would win awards for all the amazing drama you create.

You could even win a Pulitzer for most wicked woman on Earth!  No doubt!

The mold you have spread over what was good in this family will never be repaired.  Maybe that has been your true calling…to divide us all.  To bring apart this loving family.

Perhaps…perhaps…yes, so much wrong, so many years, so much—one day, one day this will all change for the better…you will be gone and forgotten and only the good will remain.

Stop Wearing My Merch

In the drama monologue, Stop Wearing My Merch, ARASH tells another student that he needs to stop imitating his style.

Arash: Yo, why you keep imitating me, bro?  Find your own style man.  You keep trying to piggy back me son and I ain’t feeling it no way no how dog.  Yo, stop watching me and do your own thing.  You keep wearing the same merch as me man.  It ain’t cool man.  You got the same necklace, same tees and now look at your kicks man, look at them, same exact kicks as me and in the same color.  Yo, you couldn’t even get a different shade man, you had to get the identical match.  You even match how you wear it with how I wear my swag.  haha

Don’t say you ain’t.  Quit playing.  Find somebody else to imitate.  Stop getting all up in my style.  I am the original bro, ain’t nobody gonna be able to do it as good as me.  Period.  That’s what’s up.

Edit Out The Sad Parts

In the comedy play, “Edit Out The Sad Parts”, Arash talks to his wife about a memory he has from childhood about saving a mouse trapped in a cage.

Arash: Alright, I’ll tell you the story, the edited version. As I said, I went down the rabbit hole of internet video content and came across some mouse trap vids. I don’t even know how or why but I was led to it.

It was a take back for me, to say the least. Let me just tell you…I ended up watching a video from someone who made their own electric shock device for rodents and I remembered how I stopped my older brother from making one, when we were kids.

I mean, he did build one and it worked cause he actually caught a mouse…we had mice in our apartment at the time and you know, my brother was always figuring mechanical things out and he made this metal cage with wires attached to it but..I never told anyone what I’m about to tell you.

For some reason I was in the apartment by myself and I there was a loud noise, like a thump, that came from the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and I heard it again coming from under the sink. I opened the cabinet doors and sure enough there was a mouse frozen stiff inside my brother’s metal cage, getting electrocuted but not enough to where it was dying, only enough to where it was frozen, like in shock and I panicked…

I took hold of the battery that was generating the power and I ripped it right out of the cage and the mouse was free…it took off running through a crack in the wall.

When my brother came home he went nuts cause his invention was ruined and we got into an actual fight that my other brother had to break up.

I never told him that he caught a mouse and I let it go, I just told him that I took an interest in it and wanted to see how he built his cage…he put it back together again and I figured out how to disconnect one of the wires without him ever noticing and after a few weeks he gave up on the idea of catching mice because there weren’t any results and eventually my mother told him to throw out the device.

Reset Button

In the drama monologue, RESET BUTTON, Arash’s closest friend is staying at his apartment but has been wreaking havoc on her life in the worst possible ways.

Arash:  Cathy, there’s nothing wrong with having kicks but you’ve been kicking way too hard. The first day you arrived at my place, you wanted to hit up the liquor store and I took you to one and you bought enough liquor to last a month. You are only staying a week. That was the first warning bell that went off. Then you start going on and on and on about scoring some greenery to the point of madness. It was all you talked about until we were finally able to get some from my neighbor and as soon as we did you were at it.

You have not stopped since you’ve been here unless it’s when you’ve been passed out. You’ve gotten out of control and I don’t know what’s going on with you anymore. I think you have a serious problem. This isn’t just going out and having fun, there is something wrong about your behavior and I don’t know what’s up.

Creating Arash Story

A dusty room, in a run-down apartment. There is only one window in the back center of the room, toward back stage right, letting the dusty purple light of dusk ripple in.

Thinker is studying him…

Thinker: What are you doing?

Poet: I am thinking.

Thinker: That’s my job,but your job is to write.

Poet: Will you let me be?

Thinker: Well you said you were going to write today…and –

Poet: Stop it. You’re making my blood rise.

Thinker: Fine! Then I’ll write, I’ll write right now, so we can leave this suffering!

Poet: I didn’t become a poet for that reason…I didn’t sacrifice everything I’ve ever lived for, for that! For that ugly and vicious inhumane commodity. What have I become?

Thinker: An actor.

Poet: You only say that to make me feel better, the others don’t believe it.

Thinker: The others can go to hell.

Poet: Let me think.

Thinker: No. You must write.

Poet: I can’t breathe in here, this murky room, all these books, these books are for thinkers. Not for me.

Thinker: Leave my books alone, will you? Stop your dallying. My job is to think, your job is to write.

Poet: To write! I don’t believe you, what if you are wrong?

Thinker: A thinker is never wrong, I can see you from here but you can’t see yourself…here, let me bring you a mirror…

Poet: No, I’d rather not.

Thinker: Draw the curtain, let me bring you the moon.

Poet: I’ve seen the Sun and Stars and Moon before, I’m looking for something new…

Thinker: Something I’ll never see?

Poet: You’ll see it.

Thinker: I never do, I don’t have time. But I’ll make time if you won’t. If you wait another hour, I’m going to punch your virile head.

Poet: I’ll throw you out the window if you punch my head.

Thinker: And what will you do without me?

Poet: Nothing I suppose. I’ll do nothing. Nothing! NOT A DAMN THING….DO YOU HEAR

Arash’s “Catholic Guy”

In this monologue, Arash talks to his daughter about the truths of his life in order to make his daughter realize that partying could have bad consequences in tis town. Arash talks to his daughter in the kitchen while sipping his late night cap of chamomile tea.

Arash: Ooooh, I wasn’t just a Catholic guy.  I was more of a scorpion looking to strike my next victim. I loved pretty girls darling and they loved me.  Scorpion. Well, at least that’s how I was before I got married and had you kids. Yeah…

You know how it is when you’re young. Well, you’re young so, of course you know…you want to try things. Live life and see things. Experience things. See what’s out there. I’m–I used to sneak out of my house late at night. I used to act like I was going to bed upstairs when I was really tippy toeing to the downstairs basement.

I would escape from the window and run through the woods to my friend’s house around the block. I would carry my clothes with me because going through the basement window was a dirty mess.

We would get all dolled up and go out partying like two little crazies. I think back on the things we did. Boy oh boy, I could make most women today cringe.

I was a wild orchid on the inside and a Catholic dude on the outside. Catholic guilt they call it, it caught up to me when one day I couldn’t make it out of the house because my father was doing work in the basement for whatever reason. I was trapped for the night. Go figure. But, but that was the same night that my friends around the block was murdered.

Turns out…

…she was…terrible things were done to her…life should be lived to the fullest but always within caution.

Always within caution. I pride myself in having an honest relationship with you, my daughter.  I don’t try to play the princess in order to trick you into being someone I want you to be.  Just not my way, darling.  I oftentimes wonder what would have happened, had I made it out that night with…terrible, terrible to imagine.

Anyway, be safe and live your life.  That’s what it’s all about.

No Comparison

In this dramatic monologue, Arash lets out some of his frustration here in this monologue towards his best Fatima.

ARASH: Why you always blaming me, Fatima? What the heck?  You know, it’s not my fault I’m pestered by them!  Heck, I don’t even want to go near them. I’m not into guys.

What do you think is worse? You walk around all day thinking you’re cursed.

“Oh, I’m cursed, oh so cursed, life is soooo bad. Poor me, poor me, poor miserable me!”

I’m sick of it. What is that nonsense? It’s gotten old, Fatima.

You think you have problems? Your problems compared to mine are nowhere near what I go through daily. You try to be me for one day and I bet your head would spin right off your shoulders.

My friends doesn’t even know I like girls. You think it’s easy to carry around this secret for the last God knows how long? Not knowing if you’re insane or what!

You’re the only person that knows the truth and I want to tell my family and my other friends but I just don’t know how. I know they won’t except me the way you have and I don’t want to hurt them, Sophia. I don’t want to break their hearts.

So, I’ve got issues. You, your issues are no big deal because one day you will find a man who will love you and take care of you and keep you warm at night and protect you and just treasure you. And that’s great. That’s great to have that comfort. And you will have beautiful children, I’m sure and life will be wonderful.

So please, stop complaining about meeting losers because I rather be in your shoes if I could be.

Arash’s “Can Movie Romance Really Happen For Me? Monologue

Synopsis: Arash has reached the pinnacle of his career but he questions what comes next in his life.  Is it marriage and children?  He is certain.

Arash: I did it.  Now that I’ve done it, I’m not so sure what to do next.  It’s taken me years, so many years, it’s all I ever thought about and now here I am.

I never thought about what to do next.  I never considered what comes after!

Do I get married now?  Do I have kids?  Is the whole settle down mentality supposed to overcome me?

I don’t know.  I don’t feel as though that’s the right step for me but what if there’s something wrong with me.  I mean, as a guy who is american I shouldn’t want to settle down at any point!

The thought of taking it easy and making time for others is horrifying to me.  I’m sorry, I know that sounds terrible.  Maybe I’m just too selfish!

I do want kids.  I think I want marriage.  Maybe that’s the trouble right there.  I’d like to have children but I’m not so sure I want a nagging wife.  Not a nagging wife to rely on cause I’m self-sufficient but a wife to be in love with.

I want to be in love, like, “movie romance love 40 year old virgin guy”.  Is that all a myth?  Can movie romance really happen for me?

Whoever she will be, if she does even exist, really has to blow me away…enough to where nothing else in my own personal life could possibly matter because I have her beating in my heart.

Am I cheesy?  Well, I think that’s the only way for me.

I think that’s when I’ll settle down and wish to start a family!

Stay The Night

In the drama monologue from Stay The Night, Arash opens up to Alice about one story from his past that he regrets with regards to his father.

WILKIN: Does it mean that much to you?

(Alice nodded)

When I was a kid, must have been seven or eight years old, I fell ill while at school. My head was pounding and I threw up and I went to the nurses office. Well, I was starting to burn up with fever and my father came to pick me up. I remember being happy to see him because I was so sick, but the minute we left the nurses office I caught a beating in the hallway. Right in front of this girl Kenya I had a crush on. I was smacked one way, then the other way, pushed into the staircase and kicked…and kenya, by the look of her eyes, I knew she witnessed the whole thing. I was humiliated. I didn’t care less about the beating because I was used to getting hit, but the embarrassment, oh, that was horrible. I knew I’d have to face her and whoever else she told, when I went back to school. Are you happy I shared that story with you?