Arash’s “Test Me” Story

In the dramatic monologue Test Me, Arash approaches a regular at a bar about talking to his girl and he gives him a warning.

Arash:  Hey.You think you’re slick, Sam?  Huh?  You walk around here like a drunken fool.  Casually coming into the bar like your everybody’s best friend.  Coming in with your bullshit stories and your wise cracks.  I don’t like you. I don’t trust you. I take one look at you and I see right through you. I see who you really are.

I know what you do behind closed doors. I’ve heard the stories.  People talk about you because you’re always bragging about your manly endeavors with women.  What a joke you are.  If you’re wife even knew.   I want you to know one thing, if you talk to my girl again, if you even think you have a shot, I’ll bury you.  You understand, PLAYA?  

Okay, good.  As long as we’re clear, we’re good.  I don’t care what you do in your life, just don’t come close to mine.  

 Got it?  

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Arash has been writing stories ever since he could hold a pencil! What started out as an intrinsic love for storytelling has turned into his lifelong passion. There’s nothing he likes better than writing (and reading) stories that is humorous in English and Persian languages, with a touch of Suspense and a poignant streak of truth running through them. Arash is also a YouTuber, Persian singer/songwriter, blogger, traveler, filmmaker, big dreamer, and professional kabob eater. When he’s not writing or dreaming up new stories, you can find him in an adventure road-tripping to national parks! If you want to see Arash in his element (ranting about stories) check out his YouTube channel.

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