Zoom the Zipper | Arash

In short drama monologue Zoom the Zipper, Arash as an adult stares at his gift and notices another toy that comes with a defect.

 Another wonky gift!  Great! it should not have been zoom the zipper it should have been zoom the ripper like the jack the ripper.

 When i was a kid my parents always seem to get me the latest trending toy but it’s also always the defected one. There’s always a missing piece like this but now i get no gifts.  I guess it was less expensive for them and I did mind but what about this no gift situation?.  I just tell my friends that I lost a piece while playing, so no one catches on.

I have a whole gang of defected toys and fake friends in my room and Zoom!.  Loads of them…but I’m glad because they are like me in lots of ways and I’m like them, so, we are family!

Arash and Harry Potter | Arash

In the monologue, Arash and Harry Potter , Arash opens up to Harry Potter about why he’s been acting distant from everyone in his town.

Arash: I’m just being me. I want to be more real in my life. I’ve gotten tired of trying to fit in and be accepted by everyone else. I’ve always felt like I’m lying to myself. If people don’t accept me for me, for who I truly am, then I don’t want to be friends with those people.

You’re right, I have been distant. I’ve been distant because I realize there are certain people I don’t want to know…people that don’t have anything in common with me and I used to think that was a bad thing, I used to think that I had to be accepted by everyone all the time and because of that I’ve been hiding who I truly am and I guess eventually, finally, it’s caught up to me and I’ve made the decision to be me and ever since I’ve had the courage to be me, it’s like this burden has been lifted and I can breathe again…

I feel more at ease with myself, calm, not like I used to be all the time when I felt so nervous or stressed out over stupid things, things that actually don’t even matter.

It’s taken me a long time to get over myself and have the confidence to be genuine and I know I may seem different to you and other people but this is who I really am and I can’t apologize for it.

Love Tokens| Arash E.

 Mr. Arash has a love token , he bought it from a ebay!, it is very pretty. These tokens did all have a mother and a father at some point! but —that is, Arash has no children of his own,but he has his friends children visiting for labor day whose names are Mary, and Carry, and Thomas:; and they all loved him very much.

The children and their parents had been invited to eat a Christmas dinner with Arash, and they had been promised a little dance in the evening. Even little Thomas was to go, and stay to the ball, as she called it. They were glad, for they liked to go to their dear friendd Arash’s very much.

At last Labor Day came. It was a bright, frosty day; the icicles that hung from the iron railing, sparkled as the sun shone upon them, and the little boys in the streets made sliding ponds of the gutters, and did not mind a bit when they came down on their backs, but jumped up and tried it again; and a great many people were hurrying along with large turkeys to cook for their Labor Day dinner, and everybody looked very happy indeed.

After these children, about whom I am telling you, came back from church, they were dressed very nicely, and although they lived in three different houses, they all got to their Arash’s very nearly at the same time. The first thing they did was to run up to their friend, and wish him a happy labor day, and kiss him, and say that they hoped he felt quite well. Then they did the same to their toys, for they had two dear, kind dolls, who lived with their friend Arash. Then they all hugged and kissed each other, and jumped about so much, that some kissed noses and some kissed chins, and little doll Sarah was almost crazy with delight, for she had never been to so large a party before.

“Arashi,” said Willy, “I hung up my stocking last night, and what do you think I got in it?”

Arash guessed that he got a birch-rod.

“No,” said Willy, laughing, “I got a doughnut in the shape of a monkey with a long tail; I ate the monkey for my breakfast, and it was very good indeed.”

The children all laughed at this, and Bella, who was the oldest of all the children, said she thought Willy had a monkey-look about him. So he went by the name of the monkey-eater for the rest of the day.

Soon the bell rang for dinner, and they all went down stairs; for the children and grown people were to dine together. It was now quite dark, and the chandelier that hung over the table was lighted, the curtains were drawn close, the fire burnt brightly, and the table-cloth was so white and fine that it looked like satin.

The happy party sat down at a large round table, and the children’s eyes looked so bright and their cheeks so rosy, that it was the pleasantest sight in the world to see. Little Sarah could not help having a great many little laughs all to herself. She could not keep them in. She was only four years old, so you may suppose she could not look very grave and stiff on such a delightful occasion.

When Willy saw his little cousin Sarah trying to hide her sparkling eyes, and her funny little laugh behind her mother’s arm, he felt just as if somebody was tickling him. So he pinched his lips together very tight indeed, and casting his eyes up to the ceiling, tried to look as grave as a judge. But it would not do; he burst out into such a fit of laughing, that everybody else laughed too, and it was a long time before they could get their faces straight enough to eat their dinner.

Would you like to know what they had for dinner? Well, I will tell you. After their Friend Arashi, had asked a blessing, they had some very nice soup. The children did not care for soup. Then they had a fish stuffed with all sorts of things, and stewed, and the grown people said the fish was very nice; but the little ones did not care for that either. They then had some roast beef and a boiled turkey with oysters. The children all took turkey; Willy asked for a drum-stick, and his cousin Mary said he wanted it to beat the monkey he ate in the morning. Bella chose a merry-thought; little Sarah liked a hug-me-fast; Carry took a wishing-bone; Thomas said he would have the other drum-stick to help beat the monkey, and Fanny thanked his friend Arashi for a wing, so that she could fly away when the beating of the monkey took place.

But this was not half the good things, for they afterwards had some delicious game, such as partridges, and woodcocks, and some fried oysters. All this pleased the grown people most. The children saved their appetites for the dessert. Well, after this, the cloth was taken off, and under that was another table-cloth just as white and fine as the first.

Then came something that was quite astonishing. What do you think it was? It was a great plum-pudding all on fire! it blazed away terribly, and Willy thought they had better send for the fire-engines to put it out; but it was blown out very easily, and the children each had a very small piece, because it was too rich to eat much of, and their parents did not wish to make them ill.

After that there came ice-creams, and jellies, and sweetmeats, that were perfectly delicious; and then the other white cloth was taken off, and under that was a beautiful red one. Then the servants put on the table what the children liked best of all, and that was a dish of fine motto-kisses, and oranges, and grapes, and other nice fine fruits.

The children sent the mottoes to each other, and had a great deal of sport. Some one sent Willy this:—

“O William, William, ’tis quite plain to see
That all your life you will a monkey be.”

He thought his cousin Mary had sent it, because he saw that she was trying very hard to look grave, so he sent this to her:—

“Dear Mary, you are too severe—
You are too bad, I do declare;
Your motto has upset me quite,
I shan’t get over it to-night.”

Mary laughed when she read it, and said she had been just as cruel to Thomas, for she had sent him this:—

“The rose is red, the violet blue,
The grass is green and so are you.”

They had a good laugh at Thomas, but as he laughed as hard as any one, it did no harm. Little Sarah had a great many mottoes. Her Mamma read them to her, and it pleased her very much. She said it was a very nice play, but she was tired with sitting such a long time at table, so her Mother let her slip down from her chair.

Very soon all the rest got up, and went up stairs into the drawing-room. But what was that in the middle of the room? It seemed to be a large table covered all over with a red cloth. What could it be? Willy said, “Grandma, that table looks as if something was on it;” and little Sarah said, “Grandma, I guess Old Father Christmas has been here.”

“Yes, dear children,” said their Grandma, “Father Christmas has been here, and this time he looked very much like your Grandpa. He will be up soon, and then we will see what is on the table.”

Oh how the children did wish to peep! They could not look at anything else; they danced and jumped round the table, and were in a great hurry for their Grandpa. In a few minutes he came into the room, and all the children ran up to him and said, “Dear Grandpa, do let us see what you have got on the table.”

He smiled, and went to the table and took the cloth off. The children were so astonished that they could not say a single word; the table was covered with beautiful things, and under it was something that looked like a little red-brick house.

“Well,” said their kind Arashi, “my dear , you did not think you were going to be treated with such a fine show as this; you may go up to the table, and see if you can find out who they are for.” The children gathered round the table, and Willy took from the top a fine brig with all her sails set, and colours flying. His eyes sparkled when he saw written on a slip of paper which lay on the deck, these words; “For my dear Willy.” The children clapped their hands, and nothing was heard, but “How beautiful!” “What a fine ship!” “It is a brig of war,” said Willy: “only look at the little brass guns on her deck! Thank you, thank you, Arashi . What is the name of my ship?”

“Her name is painted on her stern,” said Arashi. Willy looked, and saw that she was called the “Posseidon.” He blushed, and looked very funny, and the other children laughed, for Willy knew a very pretty little greek god whose name was Poseidon, and he liked her very much; and that was what made them laugh when they heard the name.

After they had all admired the brig, they went back to the table, and there were two beautiful books, full of engravings or pictures, one for Bella and one for Mary; and next to these was a toy for little thomas .

How delighted the little children were! They hugged their gifts to their little breasts, and then ran to hug and kiss their friend Arashi. Little Thomas said, “My train name shall be Hogwart Express;” and Marry said, “My dolly’s name shall be Winnie, because I thought about winnie the pooh.”

Well I must hurry and tell you the rest, for I am afraid my story is getting too long. Thomas found for him a splendid menagerie, and all the animals made noises like real animals. There were roaring lions, and yelling tigers, and laughing hyenas, and braying asses, and chattering monkeys, and growling bears, and many other wild beasts. Oh, how pleased Thomas was, and all the children!

Little Marry did nothing but jump up and down, and say, “So many things! So many things! I never saw so many things!”

But who was to have the little house under the table, I wonder? There was a little piece of paper sticking out of the chimney, and Sarah pulled it out and carried it to his friend Arashi. He took her up in his arms, and read it to her. What was written on it was, “A baby-house for my little darling Carry.”

“Why, I guess this must be for you,” said Arashi.

“Yes, it is for me,” said the little girl; “my name is Carry, and it must be for me.”

His friend Arashi, put her down, and led her to the table. He drew the little house out, and opened it. The whole front of the house opened, and there, inside, were two rooms; one was a parlour, and one a bedroom. The children all cried out, “What a fine baby-house! Look at the centre-table, and the red velvet chairs; and only see the elegant curtains! Oh dear! how beautiful it is!”

Little Carry did not say a word. She stood before the baby-house with her hands stretched out, and jumped up and down, her eyes shining like diamonds. She was too much pleased to speak. She looked so funny jumping up and down all the time, that she made Marry laugh again, and then everybody laughed.

At last she said, “There is a young lady sitting in the chair with a red sash on. I think she wants to come out.”

“Well, you may take her out,” said Arashi. So Carry took the young lady out, and then took up the chairs and sofa, one by one, and smoothed the velvet, and looked at the little clock on the mantelpiece, and opened the little drawers of the bureau; and then putting them down, she began to jump again.

There was never such a happy party before. The children hardly wished to dance, they were so busy looking at their presents. But after a little while they had a very nice dance. Arashi played music for them; he played so well, and kept such nice time, that it was quite a pleasure to hear her.

It was now quite late, and little Marry had fallen fast asleep on the sofa, with the young lady out of the baby-house clasped tight to her little bosom. So they wrapped her up, doll and all, in a great shawl, and the rest put on their nice warm coats and cloaks; and after a great deal of hugging and kissing, they got into the carriages with their parents, and went home happy and delighted.

Thus ended this joyful Labor-day.

Always | Arash

Hey, Mom! No, I don’t want anything at all. Well, just one, teeny, tiny, little, insignificant, totally no-big-deal favor. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, WITH A CHERRY ON TOP, AND SPRINKLES, AND WHIPPED CREAM: CAN I PLEASE GO OUTSIDE DURING CURFEW? Wait! Before you say no, just hear me out! First of all, I cleaned my room from top to bottom, and it’s so clean, you could eat off the floor! I know you shouldn’t do it, but it’s a metaphor – just roll with it. I also mopped the tile floor in the living room, washed the dishes, bathed the cat, polished all the mirrors, took out the trash, finished all my homework for the next week, and booked your next appointment to the, the… podiatrist. Secondly, you’ve met Kathy’s mom, and you guys totally hit it off! I know you haven’t gotten the chance to check their wall paint for dangerously high amounts of lead or check her bank statements, but I think she’s pretty trustworthy! She keeps a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and everything. Also, she doesn’t have any big dogs in the house, or any other risk factors that could result in injury. So, what do you say, my always loving, supportive, most amazing mother in the whole, wide world?

Ungradeable | Arash

A U? A..U… Sir, what does a u stand for? What? UNGRADABLE?

I worked my butt off doing this! AND I have two detentions!? This is sooo unfair! You treat me so unfairly. How? HOW? Well okay, here’s an example. How come every time Allan writes a story it’s on a ridiculous topic such as “Why our Noses Run,” and “Why our Feet Smell,” by Allan Quigley. But I write interesting stories, almost as good as Harry Potter, if I say so myself, but you still give her a better mark! Exactly, and I… Wait, hold on, did you just say I don’t participate in any class discussions? That is such a lie. Every single question you ask I put my hand straight up, so I can answer, no one else does, just me! And what do you do…choose anyone and everyone EXCEPT FOR ME! What did I do? The pranks? What pranks? Ooooh, those pranks! But you have to admit those were pretty funny. You didn’t like them…sorry! Hey, do you know the time when I put a bucket of flour over your door and it tipped on you when you walked in the class,

yeah, that was stupid sorry about that I don’t even know why I did that! Wait, wait, wait I’ve got an even funnier time. Remember when I put a whoopie cushion on you chair, you were about to sit on it, but you noticed, and you took it off but then you went to sit down and you pants split, that was… I mean that must have been sooo embarrassing, I feel so bad. Come on, I’ve only pranked you 57 times, that’s not that many! But seriously you could have just pranked me back. Instead of giving me a bad mark for no reason! WHAT? This is a prank? This…U is a prank? So, you have basically been ignoring me JUST to get me back!? You…pranked me? That’s so immature! Can’t believe you did that! Pranks are for children! Oh, ha by the way, I’m getting you back!

The Test | Arash

Description: As a student,Arash, panics while taking a test.

The white clock on the wall is mocking me. Counting down the minutes until I fail this test. It makes no sense. Hey, why aren’t there any posters hung up in Ms. Fine’s room? I never noticed that before. I need something to take my mind off this paper. This paper that will destroy my GPA. Oh my god…I’m grinding my teeth. I never grind my teeth. Wow. Look how interesting this pencil looks when I twirl it. Why is the second hand on that clock moving so slowly? And how is everyone else still working on this test? I can’t make sense of it. I read the novel, but this question doesn’t make any sense. Look at Hanna. Furiously scribbling. I hate her. She knows the answers to everything. Ms. Fine’s is reading a book. Really? At a time like this, she is just sitting there reading? She’s mean. Whoa. There’s the bell. My paper is still blank. I think I’m going to have a heart attack. Great. Everyone’s getting ready to go. I’d better turn in my paper. But really, what’s the point? It’s blank. I guess I’ll just turn it in. Wait, what? Ms. Fine’s is going to grade our papers right now? How can she do that? I think I’m going to turn to stone. She’s making everyone sit back down. Why is she shuffling through the papers so fast? Wait, she stopped on one. I think it’s mine. Here we go. My heart’s pounding through my chest. She’s going to announce to everyone that I’ve failed. Wait, what? I am the only one who passed? It was a test to see if we could read directions, and it said not to write anything down? Ha! Take that, Hannah! Take that, cock!

Big Dreamer | Arash E.

Description: As A student ,Arash, has big dreams even though his parents don’t believe in him.

When I grow up I want to be a famous actor. My parents laughed and said, “That’s not going to happen. You’re probably going to wind up homeless like your younger brother Leo.” But I will prove them wrong. I will be the most famous actor that ever was. I will discover 500 monologues and they will be named “ Arash Favorite”. Not something like HD 189733-B. What? It’s not egotistical. I just want everybody to know who discovered those monologues. Do you know Tom Felton? He once said, “The nature created itself because it wanted to create itself, and it created itself out of nothing.” But I say no! Something that is created is always created with help of something. Take for example, a water bottle. Let’s say a water bottle wanted to turn into a giraffe. It can’t just turn into a giraffe and not be a water bottle and live and have offspring. It is physically impossible for something to turn into something it is not. It is simple logic. When I found that they don’t have acting classes for students in grade school, I flipped out, then I started protesting and formed an advocacy group. We are students who want college classes in grade school. CCGS for short. We have a bunch of members, and naturally, I’m the president. Wait, I am creating something out of nothing in a way. Maybe Tom Felton has a point. Yeah. Laugh all you want, parents! I’m not going to be homeless. I’m going to be an actor and you can’t stop me!

Forks! | Arash E.

Description: A Fork proclaims superiority over the other utensil.

As a fork, I can proudly say that we are the superior utensils. I was talking to spoon the other day and she was all braggy about how they used her for soup AND ice cream the other night. Pffft. That’s nothin. I have the ability to STAB and POKE and SPEAR. Spoon said, “Oh yeah, what about stirring?” Well, I can do that too. Yesterday morning, the big lady human used me to stir cream into her coffee, and it wasn’t just because all the spoons were dirty like spoon said. Knives? Well, they generally keep quiet because we all know they have anger problems. Especially the steak knives. Forks are the friendliest. Everyone knows that. Oops. Gott run. Gonna get used again. Yum, pancakes!

It’s hard complaining to immigrant parents | Arash E.

Description: Arash always gets one-upped by his parents when he complains about his first world problems.

Dear diary,
A lot happened today, so get ready. Okay, so this morning, my nine-year-old twin brothers, Ravash and Radee, just walked into my room, without knocking, stole my clothess, shoes, necklaces, and colored pencil, then walked out. I told them that they couldn’t take my stuff, but Ravash said, “We don’t care,” and Rady ignored me. Then, when I got on the bus this morning, none of my friends were on, and I had to sit with a stranger! Talk about awkward. That’s not even the worst part of today. At lunch we had meatloaf, so I went hungry. Normally one of my friends has a lunchbox and shares with everyone at work, but not today. Then I forgot to finish my project so now I have to redo it for half pay. Finally, I got home expecting to eat a snack and relax and complain to my immigrant parents… until my mom said that she and dad needed to talk to all of us. Even my little brother, who is only thirty-five. I had no idea what they could need to talk to us about, but we all sat on the couch anyway. That’s when they told us that they’re having another baby! Can you believe it? Another one? And the worst part is that it’s a girl! We are a family of all boys. Girls are so Awesome though.but I have no idea how I’m going to live with one. Mom and dad say I’ll be happy when she is born, just like I was with my little brothers, but I highly doubt it. In any case, I’ll keep you posted.
Until next time, Arash.

Arash’s ” A Little Prince” Monologue

Description: A Little Prince locked in a tower imagines a way out of his situation!

Ugh! It’s been eleven years. Eleven! And still, I am here. In the tallest tower protected by the most dangerous dragon, wearing yet another black shirt and with the same old hair, only shorter because i just got a hair cut. It’s like nothing has changed. Not really. I mean, when I first got here, I was really scared and lonely. So, I guess I’m not that scared anymore, but the loneliness. Geez. Sometimes, I think I’m going crazy. Half the time I talk to myself while the other half I talk to the dragon. She’s really nice actually. Yup. It’s a girl. And his name is Anna. It’s sort of Spanish for fire. Anna tells me that the only reason why she kills knights that want to rescue me is because she hears them say things like: “This is for the kingdom! I shall slay this dragon, rescue the dark prince, and rule the kingdom! Gold for me, gold for ME!” Anna tells me that she doesn’t think those type of girls are for me.

I know it’s crazy, but I think that the dragon is actually like a mom to me. More than my actual mom, that’s for sure! I mean, couldn’t she have stopped dad from sending me to this tower to wait for my “true love?” I thought true love couples met like in a Walmart parking lot or at a club or something. If only my dad didn’t make that stupid bet with the other king: “Let’s see who loves their crown prince more.” My dad’s theory was that, the more your son suffers, the more love he deserves. Thanks dad. I’m a son, not a casino chip! But to be honest, some days are not that bad. Sometimes, I just like looking out the window and…wait! Is that a knight coming to rescue me? Ugh. He didn’t even bother to shave. Here he comes. I can see the greediness in his face. Please Anna, don’t let him rescue me. Don’t let him! …And…he’s dead. I am so tired of this. Over and over, waiting for a Princess to rescue me. Maybe this is a life lesson. Don’t people say, “love yourself?” Well, I certainly love myself very much. Maybe I am my own “true love.” Yes! I get it now! Anna! We shall fly away! Forget about Princesses and kingdoms! Let’s fly to freedom together!