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Why do you watch the news every night, Dad? It’s boooooooring. It’s always the same. The news is just a bunch of guys talking. It’s JUST SO BORING! Can’t we watch the cartoon channel?

Don’t you like to laugh? I feel like my head is going to explode all over this room I’m so bored—Pow! Splat! Smush! Here, I’ll be the news guy: “Tonight everyone is very boring in the whole world. The whole world is boring and bunch of other guys said boring things and the weather is boring. Have a boring night. I’m boring. Good night.” That’s it! I just did the news for you. Now you don’t have to watch it! Let’s watch cartoons!

What is Gambling?

imagesIn one of my lead shares in GA, I spoke of life as a gambler in recovery.

So What is Gambling exactly?

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this matter but i can only share my experience about it.

Picture yourself , i said as a visitor to a casino.

you loose everything. if you have a house in santa monica near the beach you have not lost everything. some people get drunk and gamble. it is an interesting combination.

What is Alcoholism!?


In one of my lead shares in A.A. , I spoke of life as an Alcoholic Person in recovery.

So What is Alcoholism exactly?

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this matter but i can only share my experience about it.

Picture yourself , i said as a passenger on a vast ocean liner like the Titanic in a lonely voyage , surrounded on all sides by mystery. Looking up , there’s the old Sky, .
Looking down , the mystery of the heart of the ocean.

So what do you do when lost at sea?

I continued by reminding myself by my notes that by looking back and forward.!!!!

There is no comedy in this! only drama!

So you pray to be saved!

Some other people are lost in their own different pursuits.

Some Gamble,others in music, Sex, Lust, Art,Eating etc.


alot of people think A.A. is nothing but a social club.a place to go and see who is doing what.

to answer the questions is that the correct answer is : alot of people people are lost spirits.

They just have to get lucky.


Some say Alcoholism is the most severe form of alcohol abuse and involves the inability to manage drinking habits, thinking habits etc. It is also commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder or thinking use disorder. They say Alcohol use disorder is organized into three categories: mild, moderate and severe but i think there is a third category and that is the chronic ones like me. Each category has various symptoms and can cause harmful side effects and every body knows that!.

We now know that If left untreated, any type of alcohol abuse can spiral out of control. but what about those addicted to Gambling,music, Sex, Lust, Art,Eating etc.

there are other kinds of help for those people but there are other 12 step programs for them too.


So while both alcohol abuse and other abuses are included in the alcohol use disorder diagnosis and involve engaging in mal adaptive behaviors in the use of alcohol or sex or other addictive vicious cycles, abuse of any substance stangely enough does not include the person having a withdrawal symptoms or needing more and more amounts to achieve intoxication (tolerance) unless the person has developed Addictions.


Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed


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Only the most die hard fans will have noticed these subtle hints. For this list, we’re looking at some of the most surprising bits of foreshadowing that even the most avid “Harry Potter” readers might not have caught onto.

We can’t say for sure whether all of them were intentionally written in by J. K. Rowling, but considering her masterful storytelling skills, we’d be surprised if they were simply coincidences.

Join Arash comedy as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed. Check out these other great videos: 10 Shocking Differences Between the Harry Potter Movies and Books

10) Myrtle’s Murderer

9) Correspondence Confusion

8) Who Broke the Vanishing Cabinet

7) Snape’s Last Words

6) Snowball Fight

5) The Gleam of Triumph

4) The Three Brothers

3) The Sword of Gryfindor

2) The Scarf of Gryfindor

1)The Elder Wand

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Rubies have an almost other-worldly quality that has beguiled and delighted humanity throughout the ages.


Rubies were treasured by early cultures as they represented the redness of the blood that flowed through their veins, and many believed that rubies held the power of life and so were often carried into battle for protection. To the spiritually inclined, such as is the case for people of Hindu faith who composed the earliest written accounts of ruby or “ratnaraj” (meaning “king of the gemstones” in ancient Sanskrit), the gem is as radiant as the “sun new risen” and “paints the whole house with crimson”.



In 2012, Gemfields added Montepuez Ruby Mining to its portfolio, the mine developed from a greenfield site, covers 350km2 in Northern Mozambique. It is the largest known ruby mine in the world today. This gemstone deposit has been described as the most significant discovery in recent history.



Corundum Variety


Al2O3(Cr, Fe)


Over 500 million years in the making


Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Madagascar, Thailand, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenia



Rubies vary in colour more than you might expect, from brownish-red to orangey-red to purplish-red to pinkish-red. Neither too dark nor too light, and evenly distributed throughout the gemstone.

Traditionally the most prized colour of rubies are a vivid crimson with a hint of blue. As with all gemstones the colour should be even throughout. The appraisal and appreciation of colour is, of course, subjective to some extent. Rubies from different origins often have distinctive colours although each deposit can have a range in hues. Mozambican rubies are quite unique in their formation as the region produces rubies that are in many ways similar to those found in each of the other key producing nations, thereby spanning breadth of the know colour ranges.



Arash of Beverly Hills


The lord of the Sevens!




Once upon a time there was a Young man who was born in the 7th month of the year.  Many common trouble people came to him but he lived , but it seemed to the him that he was the boy who lived.

“Troubled people acted like there’s nothing more to the young man than what he was doing,he wanted to be an actor, singer,pirate,” he said to himself with a frown.

One afternoon in a writers club, he thought, “Sometimes I wish i could be a story teller but i dont feel inspired all the time ,besides i have no training, no confidence,i want to tell the world greatest story so he thought of the notorious number 7, a lucky number supposedly! he did something special for his birthday but he wanted to do something special for himself again.”

He went to his room and found his favorite piece of jewelry , the one that sparkled when he taking it up high under the sun.  He took the jewel to yard and threw it higher and higher without worrying it would fall and break. One time he threw it extra high and when he ran to catch the jewel, He slipped on a wet floor and fell. The jewel fell and plopped right down into the royal well!  He raced over to fetch his jewel before it dropped too far, but by the time he got there he could no longer see his priceless jewel in the water.

he dived into the well and dug the priceles jewel out. it was not brocken. now he was thinking to sit down and write his story.



A new day for england!

Harry’s magic pirate ship

There was once a little boy called Harry whose dream was to have his very own pirate ship and sail around the seas; finding treasure that had been lost a long, long time ago.

Harry always spent his weekends with his Grandma and Granddad; his Mummy would drop him off every Saturday morning at 9 o’clock on the dot and pick him back up on Sundays at 6 o’clock just after tea time.

Grandma and Granddad’s house was a big old farm house with a big garden and was next to a meadow full of lovely flowers. At the bottom of the garden stood Granddad’s workshop and an old shed.

One sunny Sunday morning Harry was sitting at the table with his Granddad having breakfast and told him that he had a dream the night before that he was captain of a pirate ship searching for lost treasure.  Granddad said to little Harry “well to find any lost treasure Pirates  you need a treasure map!  Pirates can’t go anywhere without a map”  So little Harry and his Granddad spent all that sunny afternoon making a map to find the lost treasure. There were a lot of dangers for Pirates searching for treasure and by the time they had finished the map showed sharks and quicksand and other Pirates little Harry would have to overcome.

Harry’s Mum arrived to take him home and he gave his Granddad a hug goodbye and off he went still thinking about the pirate ship and the lost treasure.

The next day Harry’s Granddad decided he would start building Harry’s pirate ship from his dream to surprise him with the next weekend.  It would take him a long time so Granddad got straight to work!  Granddad knew he needed lots of wood to build a fantastic pirate ship and looking in the garden he saw his old shed that had been standing there with only bits of junk in it for years, “that’s it” Granddad thought to himself ”  I can use the wood from the old shed.”

Granddad opened the shed door to find an old car steering wheel from a car he’d had many years ago and also an old bell that used to hang on the shed door, Granddad thought they will do for the pirate ship, so he put them to one side and started to pull down the old shed.  He laid all the planks of wood out on the garden and once all the shed was taken down he carried all the planks of wood into his workshop where he could cut up the wood and start making little Harry’s dream pirate ship.

Granddad worked on building the pirate ship for the next few days getting up early each morning and only stopping when Grandma would shout down the garden “your tea is ready!”

Friday soon came around, and Friday was market day in the town, Grandma always went to the market on a Friday to do her shopping.  Before setting off Grandma asked Granddad “is there anything you need?”
“Yes” Grandad replied, ” there is a stall on the market that sells flags, please could you look for a big pirate flag to put on top of Harry’s pirate ship?”
Off Grandma went to market with her shopping bag and a list of all the things she needed.

It was soon time for Granddad to paint the pirate ship and to fit the old steering wheel he had found in the shed.  Granddad fixed the wheel to the front of the pirate ship and the old bell on the back; “I knew the bell would come in handy and give little Harry something to ring if he got into danger on his dream pirate ship”

Granddad found some old rope and some old bedding at the back of his workshop which he would use to make a sail for the ship, all he needed now was for Grandma to return with the pirate flag so he could place it at the top of little Harry’s pirate ship

Saturday morning was the day of the big surprise for little Harry and at 9 o’clock on the dot he came running down the path with a big smile on his face. The first thing Harry said was ”Hi Grandma, where is my Granddad?!”  “He’s down in the garden” Grandma replied “but before you set off, don’t I get a hug?”
“Oh sorry Grandma,” said Harry and he gave his Grandma a big hug and off he ran to find his Granddad.

Granddad was standing at the front of his workshop when Harry ran up to him and gave him a hug. Harry asked “Have you still got the treasure map Granddad?”
“I have” replied Granddad “and I also have a big surprise” Granddad pulled open the big door on his workshop for Harry to see his dream of a pirate ship had come true! “Wow” said little Harry “is that mine?” Harry’s eyes lit up and he had the biggest smile a little boy could ever have “oh thank you Granddad my dream has come true!”

Granddad pulled the pirate ship out of the workshop and onto the meadow so Harry could start to play at being the Captain of his ship.  Little Harry climbed up into the ship and started steering the way and ringing the bell to warn the other Pirates that he now had his ship and was setting off to find the treasure
“Are you forgetting something?” asked Grandad as he passed Harry the treasure map they had made the week before.

Granddad returned to the farmhouse and made a cup of tea.  He sat at the table reading his newspaper feeling very happy and proud that he had made Harry’s dream pirate ship.

Harry was on his ship shouting orders to his crew when all of a sudden the grass in the meadow turned from green to a deep sea blue and his ship started bobbing up and down on the waves “wow” thought Harry “it is a magic pirate ship!  Now I can really go and find the lost treasure!”

So off Harry set on his voyage holding the treasure map in one hand and steering the ship in the other.  It seemed like he had been sailing for hours when in the distance he spotted what looked like a island. Harry set his course for the island as he thought it would be a good place to bury treasure.

After hours and miles of sailing Harry finally reached the island.  It seemed a lot smaller than when he had first spotted it from his pirate ship out at sea, it was only about the size of Granddad’s back garden.  “Never mind” he thought,” the smaller the better as it would be easier to find the lost treasure.”

Harry climbed out of his ship holding on tight to his map.  The path he and his Grandad had drawn the week before showed him which way to go and he started digging when he reached a small tree.  He dug one hole with no luck, so he tried again a little bit further along the path.  Harry was digging away when all of a sudden he hit something hard, it was a little wooden box.  He cleared the sand away and pulled open the top.  Inside the box were lots and lots of shiny gold coins  ”Yes! I’ve found the treasure” Harry shouted
He picked up the box and turned to head back down the path to his pirate ship.  Little Harry soon realised that he had forgotten to fasten the ship to anything when he first reached the island and he had been so busy digging he hadn’t noticed that his pirate ship had sailed away.

“Oh no!” thought Harry,  “How am I going to get back home to Granddad and Grandma?!”
Harry sat down and started crying.  All of a sudden little Harry heard a voice, Granddad’s voice, shouting his name. Harry asked “How did you find me?”
“You fell asleep on your pirate ship” replied Granddad “you must have been dreaming”
Little Harry got up and climbed out of his pirate ship and started to tell his Granddad all about his dream on his magical pirate ship.  “But what is that in your pocket Harry?” asked Grandad and when Harry checked he found one shiny gold coin..

This story is dedicated to all the little boys and all the little girls that have a dream, that don’t always come true but some are magical.

Always follow your dream

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The Sword in the Stone: a King Arthur Legend of the Sword Story     



“My goodness,” said Arthur.  “It looks like that sword goes right into the stone.  But of course that’s impossible.”


A bugle sounded.  The tournament was about to begin! “Get my sword, demanded Kay”

“Right away,” said Arthur.  But where was it? Arthur looked around in panic.  Kay’s spear, battle-axe, and dagger were right where they should be.  But no sword. “Kay…” he said, “how about a battle-axe?”

“Arthur, I said my sword!”

“Yes, of course,” said Arthur.  “But just a moment.”

“Be quick about it!” said Kay.

Kay’s spear, battle-axe, and dagger were where they should be.  But no sword.


Arthur ran back into the tent.  Maybe he had left Kay’s sword there?  He searched through the bag of armor and weapons.  How could he let such a thing happen? Then he had an idea.

Very fast, Arthur rode back to the market square.  The guards were not there anymore – they must have all gone to the tournament.

Arthur stepped up on the marble block.  “Let’s see if that sword can get unstuck.”  He took hold of the handle of the sword. He moved the sword a bit.  “Hey!” he said. “It’s looser than I thought.”

With one big tug, the sword slid out.  Arthur was thrown back, but the sword was safe in his hands.  “I will be sure to bring it right back.” He raced to the where his brother was waiting.

“Here it is,” he said, handing the sword to his brother.

Kay took one look.  “Oh!” he said in surprise.

“What is it?” said Arthur.  But his brother was gone. Soon after, he heard his brother’s voice outside the tent.  “Father, I have something to show you.” Kay and his father stepped inside the tent.


Kay took one look.  “Oh!” he said in surprise.


“Look!” said Kay.  He pointed to the sword.

Sir Ector stared.  His face turned white.  “Kay,” said the father, facing his older son, “where did you get this sword?”

“It is mine!” said Kay, holding it close to him.  “I have it now.”

“Kay!” said the Father again in a stern voice.  “I will ask you one more time. Where did you get this sword?”

The young knight’s head dropped down.

“From Arthur,” he said.  “He lost my sword! Somehow he got this one.”

“Arthur?” The father turned to his younger son.  “How is it that you came by this sword?”


“It is mine!” said Kay, holding it close to him.  “I have it now.”


“I’m sorry!” said Arthur.  “Father, I will put it back right away.  I only meant to borrow it when I pulled it from the stone.”

“You must take us to where you found this sword.  At once!” The three of them rushed over to the market square.

Arthur climbed up onto the marble block.  “It came from here,” he said. He lifted the sword over his head.  Then he dropped the blade back into the stone. “Now it’s back.”

“Hey,” said Sir Kay.  “I still need a sword!”  He jumped up onto the marble block.  Grabbing the hilt of the sword, he pulled and pulled.  But it did not move.

Kay shouted to Arthur, “What did you do to it?”

“Nothing!” said the lad.

“You must have done something!” yelled Sir Kay.

“Hush! Both of you!” said the father.  “It is better if no one sees or hears us.”

But it was too late.  A crowd had already started to form.

“Hey! Did you pull that sword out of the stone?” called one.

“Yes,” said Arthur. “I did.”

“Do it again!” called another from the crowd.

“Yes, let’s see it!”


“Say!  Did you pull the sword out of that stone?” called one.


Arthur put his hands around the golden handle.  With one tug, the blade slid out.

“Who are you?” called another voice. “What’s your name?”

“Arthur,” said the lad.

“Wait a minute, put that sword back!” A tall knight pushed forward from the crowd.  “Anyone can pull it out, once it’s been pulled!”

“Go ahead.  Put it back, son,” said a voice.  It was the Duke of Cornwall, the one who had called for the tournament.

“All right,” said Arthur. He slipped the blade back into the stone, with ease.

“Anyone can pull it out, once it’s been pulled!”


“Let me at that now!” said the tall knight.  He jumped up and grabbed the handle of the sword.  But pull and tug as he might, the sword would not move.  Not even a bit.

Another knight tried.  Then another. But no one could move the sword. Some waited, thinking the longer they pulled the sword, the looser it would get.  But when each man took their turn, the sword did not move for them.

“Let the lad try now,” said the Duke of Cornwall.  “Arthur, go ahead.”

Arthur stepped up to the stone again.  In one motion he freed the sword. This time, he held it high above his head.  The blade flashed in the sun. Amazed, the crowd did not know what to think.

One called out at last.  “He must be our new king!”


In one motion he freed the sword.


“We have a king!” called another. “At last!”

“Stop!” shouted the tall knight.  “Do you really think this skinny boy should rule over all of us?”

“Yes!” said a voice.  All eyes turned around.  It was Merlin the Magician.

“I know this boy. I know his heart.  There is no one in England who has a heart that is bigger and stronger than his.  The sword has told us this young man is to be the next king of England. And there is something else!”

A hush fell on the crowd.

“The lad,” said Merlin, pointing to Arthur, “is the true child of King Uther.  He is the missing baby!”

Cheers began to ring out.  “Hail, King Arthur!” called someone from the crowd.


“Hail, King Arthur!” called a voice.


Sir Ector fell to his knees.  Then Sir Kay. One person after another fell to their knees, too.  All cheered. At last, a king had been chosen. A fresh young king, and a new day for England!